Student Portal

Click to access the portal


A student portal in the current registration program is now available to all active students.  To access your portal, please click on the NYSB Student Portal Link in the initial email notification, or logon with http://65023netclass.blackbaudondemand.com/NetClassroom7.


Click to access the portal, then, type in your UserID (Last name and first Initial, i.e. SmithJ) and password.  Please type capital letters as given.  Next, select and answer three questions to set up your account.  Then you can select from the tabs to get the information you want.

Name's Classes:  In the red bar, click on Name’s classes.  In the left-hand column, select Academic Year (e.g. 2017-18) and then Session.  The quarters/terms are coded with a letter and the last two digits of a year (e.g. F17):  F__ for Fall I; G__ for Fall II; J__ for Winterim; S__ for Spring I; T__ for Spring II; U__ for Summer-June; V__ for Summer-July.


Class details will show you the courses taken in that Academic Year and Session, the grades received, and your instructors.  You can email your instructor by clicking on his/her name.


The next three tabs–Assignments list, Assignments calendar, and Attendance–are not functional at the moment.


Name's Grades:  Under the top bar tab Name’s grades, you will need to select academic year and session again in the left-hand column.  The Marking column will only have GR for the grade.  Your classes will be listed below those three tabs.

- Graded student work will give grade and instructor.

- Averages will show the course with the grade.  Click on double arrows beside course name to see the instructor.

- Report Card.  Here you can access your grades for each individual quarter/term and get a .pdf copy.

- Transcript.  Here you can access your entire transcript and get a .pdf copy.

- Degree Audits is not functional at the moment.


Note:  Due to a glitch in the system beyond our control (but which correction has been requested), Audit grades do not appear between Fall I 2006 (maybe even earlier) and Fall II 2015.  If there is no grade for a course in this timeframe, it is most likely an Audit grade (XX) for a course not taken for credit.


Registration:  This is a restatement of course(s) in a selected period and the time when taken.  This function is not for online registration.  If you want to register online with your credit/debit card, please go to www.nysb.nyc and click on the Registration Information tab and scroll to Online Registration.


School Calendar:  Not used, though it may show on holiday dates that classes are meeting, particularly those holidays that fall on Mondays when classes are meeting.


My Settings:  Here you can update your home address only.  If you need to update phone numbers and email address, please email changes to nysb@cbcnyc.org.  Here you can change your password, which is advisable once you access your portal.


There are no faculty portals at this time, so please consult your syllabus for course expectations.


Any student not currently taking courses can request an email with a user name and password and instructions for accessing each one’s own student portal.


If you have further questions, please email the office at nysb@cbcnyc.org.