Election Results: Rev. Dr. Abraham Joseph is Calvary’s next Senior Pastor

It is with joy and thanksgiving that we report that the church approved of the Special Pulpit Search Committee’s proposal to select Rev. Dr. Abraham Joseph as Calvary’s Senior Pastor. Thank you for your faithful prayers, as we continue to seek God’s will for our church, and as we strive to be Christ’s ambassadors in the city and beyond. Pastor Abraham will begin leading on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. His first Sunday in the pulpit will be February 6, 2022.


Abraham wrote, “Dear Calvary family, Laura and I are overwhelmed by your trust and love as expressed in this vote. We count it a privilege to be considered to serve Calvary. Please pray for us to walk in faithfulness, wisdom, and obedience as we seek the Lord on the next steps He has for us.”




Pastor Joseph knows, cherishes, and shares stories of Calvary’s long history. Pastor Joseph has been a part of Calvary since first attending with his parents shortly after he arrived in this county in 1985. He understands the struggles of our history and enthusiastically shares Calvary’s mission and purpose both in the pulpit and when interacting with those outside the church whenever he is given the opportunity. Moreover, Pastor Joseph and his wife, Laura, have a great desire and vision to see that mission and purpose carried out “as Calvary stands at the threshold of a transition to a renewed presence and witness in the great city of New York and the world that has come to it.”


Pastor Joseph earned a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary with an emphasis on Educational Leadership. He continued at Dallas Theological Seminary and completed his Doctor of Philosophy with a discipline in Theological Studies (Systematic and Historical Theology). He also has a Bachelor of Business Commerce degree from Madras Christian College in Madras, India, and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Baruch College, CUNY, where he majored in Finance and Investments.


Pastor Joseph has a variety of pastoral and teaching experience beginning as a Pastoral Intern at Calvary Baptist Church from 1995-1998, where he preached and taught at the NYSB along with serving in Christian education ministries. He served as an Elder for the Campus Church at the Asian Christian Academy-Evangelical Theological Seminary (ACT-ETS), India, from 1999-2004 preaching and overseeing ministry teams and leadership development. He was a Pastor at Bangalore Evangelical Church, Bangalore, India, from 2012-2016 while serving as our Missionary for WorldVenture since 2008, where he served in Theological Education along with pastoral ministry.


Pastor Joseph’s administrative and organizational skills are demonstrated by his experience and education. He is currently Director of Leadership Programs at the International Graduate School of Leadership in Manila where he oversees faculty and all academic programs of the school. He is working alongside them, with like-minded partners, in seeking the Lord’s direction for planting an international church in the Philippines. He also served as the Director of Administrative Affairs at Asian Christian Academy in India.