Council of Missions Report

Calvary Baptist Church supports missionaries all over the world. Below you can view the Missions Council's monthly newsletter, with reports on the activities, challenges, burdens, and successes of our global missionaries. Please remember to lift these individuals up in your prayers.

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CBC Monthly Missionary Prayer Guide - January 2023

Note: In order to protect our partners serving in areas where persecution is severe, names and locations are deliberately generalized and obscured.


  • Please pray for our partner who will be traveling to another town to be safe. He is praying for a car, for finances, and for God’s blessing on his work.
  • Another partner asks for prayer to obtain the necessary registration to gather to meet. Pray that the Lord will provide many children to come to their Center of Hope. The construction of their House of Prayer will be complete by this year. Pray for his family that they will be given the wisdom to serve faithfully.
  • Pray for our team who is working in a hostile country that they will have wisdom as they prepare to return to that country. Praise the Lord for new believers, though experiencing persecution and violence, who are seeking to be baptized. Pray that those who heard will open their heart to the Lord.
  • Pray for a couple to be able to obtain long-term visas for where they are working. Pray that they will learn the local language and be able to connect with the local people. Pray for opportunities for working with families with adopted or special needs children.


ELAM (Iran) January 24, 2023

  • Pray for believers who are detained or suffering for their faith in Christ.
  • Pray for comfort and provision for spouses, children, and loved ones of prisoners;
  • Pray for a real change as a result of efforts to shine a light on persecution around the world.
  • Pray for Iran's leaders to encounter Jesus, repent, and cease to oppress the populace, including women and ethnic and religious minorities.


Susan (Romania) January 27, 2023

  • She’s been under the weather since the end of November, please pray for health and stamina to get all this done and above all, peace, self-forgetfulness and living Corum Deo (in His Presence, under His authority, for His glory) in my last two weeks here in Romania. (Flying back on February 8)
  • Pray for a car when she is back in the States, NY tri-state area.
  • Sunday is her last day with my Sunday School class. Please pray for her  preparations for the lesson (trying to explain the book of Revelations in one lesson to kids from the age of 7 to 14), for a good time and for good closure with the class.

Diana & Bogdan (Romania) January 27, 2023

  • Praise for Diana’s trip to Uganda to the school of discipleship for women, this 2-year program that she oversees.
  • Praise for Bogdan’s meeting with the EDGE national leaders and the progress toward writing a manual for coaches.
  • Praise for Aliaj (Alloy) our youth group in our local church, it is growing and the teens that are joining us are from unchurched environments. And they get to hear about Jesus, most of them for the first time.
  • Pray for Diana’s trip to Birmingham, UK, to connect with a discipleship group of women. This group has experienced a lot of loss and Diana is there to be an encouragement and offer support and prayer during the January 27-29 weekend.
  • Pray for Bogdan's travel the week of January 31-February 4 to connect with new churches and coaches in the region of Moldova (North-East Romania). Pray for protection in all areas over his travels and the right open doors for the discipleship and evangelism ministry of EDGE.
  • Pray for Diana's February 7-17 travel to Cambodia where she is speaking at a women’s conference. Pray for the 6 main sessions that she is teaching. Pray for the women there who are hungry for the Word. Pray for the villages where she will travel to connect with more women and youth ministries and all the teaching she will do there. Pray for protection over her.
  • Pray for Bogdan's February 8-16 travel to get his coaching license (the next level) in Dublin, under the instruction of an amazing UEFA coach of coaches who is a believer.
  • Pray for Bogdan's involvement in a February 24-36 men’s retreat
  • Pray for wisdom as we lead the youth group in our church in Bucharest and for fruit
  • March 1-3 Josiah Venture Romania team meeting and planning of the national discipleship conference for youth leaders. The dates of the conference are March 14-16. Both Bogdan and Diana are leading 3 different seminars and will be part of a panel discussion.


  • Pray for our partner to be able to extend his residence permit and also eventually to be granted citizenship in the country he is working in. Pray for his team that they will be of one mind, working cooperatively together and be productive in their goals.

Dwight & Miriam (USA, Africa) December 25, 2022

  • Praise for the progress of ACTEA Strategic Planning events which will lead to fortified theological education in Africa (especially for French speaking and Portuguese speaking Africa) in service of building the church in Africa and beyond!
  • Pray for the Lord’s provisions, i.e. financial and personnel, to implement new initiatives of the Strategic Plan, especially the opening of the regional office in the French-speaking Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Praise for the successful ACTEA accreditation visitation at Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) in Addis Ababa, during April (Dwight led the ACTEA Team). EGST is the premier evangelical graduate school in Ethiopia, serving the largest evangelical denominations in the country. Pray that the Lord would send two or three full-time faculty to EGST.
  • Pray for the Lord's abiding comfort upon Flo Kagwamba, ACTEA's Executive Administrator, in the unexpected loss of her mother in a July vehicular accident.
  • Pray for God’s grace to sustain Miriam as she manages the care of her arthritic knee(s) to delay replacement surgery, inevitable apart from the Lord’s particular healing. Also for her siblings in their care of their 93-year-old mom in VA.
  • Bless the Lord for his trustworthy goodness in the uneven world of 2022.


Please pray for the upcoming International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington, DC from Jan 31-Feb 1 as believers advocate for religious minorities.

Heart for Muslims (NYC) January 27, 2023

  • Please pray for the right person to join the HFM team for the position of Networker and Ministry/Church Liaison.
  • Please pray for Spirit-led wisdom for the HFM leadership team as the ministry grows, and as the executive team considers new opportunities and new ways to faithfully serve the Lord, loving Muslims and equipping Christ-followers.

G & E (USA, UN) January 24, 2023


  • We are rejoicing over the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of so many leaders of nations to convict them to be God’s instrument in the lives of their people
  • The number of leaders of nations who are willing to explore faith in Jesus or who, as believers, want to live in obedience to Him as His instruments.
  • The privilege of being able to walk alongside these leaders in their journey toward Eternity.

Prayer Requests:

  • God would provide access and the ability to impart God's Word to the 500 million government decision-makers globally.
  • God would raise up an army of believers equipped to personally shepherd governing officials in serving as God’s instruments.
  • Among those heads of nation we are pouring into, God would raise up one who would lead that nation in becoming a model and inspiration to other leaders watching their lives so that they would also seek the blessing that comes from obedience to our Lord. We see heads of nations inching closer to that commitment. Let us pray that it will happen in our lifetime and speed our Lord’s return.
  • Safety and health for the whole Christian Mission for the United Nations family, including supporters, the Board, and the Allen family. Please remember all those in the Christian Mission family who are suffering the pain of loss.

Orlando (NYC) InterVarsity - La Fe January 28, 2023

  • Praise the Lord for 342 students who accepted the Lord during the Urbana 2022.
  • Pray that the 342 students be discipled and encouraged to consider missions.
  • Pray for financial provisions to meet the shortfalls of the Urbana 2022 Conference.
  • Pray for La Fe who is a Latino ministry, but the group is desiring to reach the Muslims within their school community. Pray for training and student participation.
  • InterVarsity is extending its ministry to 8-10 new campuses at the border in southern Texas. Please pray for volunteers.
  • Pray for Orlando’s wife, Maritza, whose company is going through a severe downsizing. Pray for her job security and that the Lord will provide for their needs.