Council of Missions Report

Calvary Baptist Church supports missionaries all over the world. Below you can view the Missions Council's monthly newsletter, with reports on the activities, challenges, burdens, and successes of our global missionaries. Please remember to lift these individuals up in your prayers.

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Cephas & Hemen (Nigeria) August 2022

Greetings from the Jos Plateau! We are in the peak of the rainy season here and it’s been raining hard almost every day for the past two weeks. This makes the weather quite chilly for us, with afternoon temperatures hovering around the mid-sixties for a few days now. In it all, we are thankful to the Lord God Almighty, who had promised humanity that, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease” (Gen 8:22 ESV).

Spring has been a fruitful season for me, especially regarding academic writing. I was able to round up work on three major essays that had been in writing for a while. Two of these were published as book chapters and one was presented at a conference in England in June.

The construction work in the high school block has continued steadily. The last remaining stages include painting and furnishing, but I will provide a separate update on that next week.

Nigeria continues to drift ever closer to the precipice of a failed state. Insecurity has become rife and pervasive. Even the very seat of power, Abuja—the federal capital, is threatened. Several schools in the federal capital have been shut down, even before they could write their end-of-year exams, due to threatening insecurity.

Nowhere is safe now (in fact the terrorists have threatened to kidnap the president himself). The National Assembly (the Congress of Nigeria), which is in the heart of the federal capital, took a hasty six-week recess in fear of being attacked after a battalion of the Brigade of Guard (Nigeria’s President’s Guards) was attacked by the insurgents and several soldiers, including a captain, were killed. Continue to pray for safety and God’s protection, as I still make several ministry-related trips. God alone, in a palpable way, remains our only source of security.

We successfully hosted our one-day young adult conferences (Hesed Convergence) in Makurdi and Gombe in May and June respectively. I combined the Gombe Convergence with a preaching program at a major church in the city, with an attendance of over 2000 worshippers. The Hesed Leadership Institute is coming up in about two weeks and three days from now. Things remain very uncertain. We are praying that the Lord will allow us to host it successfully without any incidence. Many people are rightly afraid of travel now. After this one, we will have to make more deliberate efforts to move our programs online. The major hindrance has been the absence of available and affordable internet access as most internet users purchase data. Ordinary citizens are heavily taxed, thus, not many ordinary people can afford to buy enough data for online programs that will run for several hours.

Hesed Academy had a successful end-of-year and commencement program last Friday. The school has closed now for summer break till the middle of September. Pray with us the Lord will bring for us more students and that he will also guide us as we are in the process of hiring more teaching staff.

S & V (India) July 26, 2022

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible talks about mountains as large, solid, and immovable structures and valleys as low, deep, and dark places! Metaphorically, mountains and valleys are seen as hindrances for people to have a relationship with God, especially non-believers.

We have been filling valleys and leveling mountains in northwest India to make smooth the way for our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though on one hand we are exhausted from fighting battles, on the other hand, we rejoice and enjoy standing tall with our victorious Lord.

This year is NIITS' curriculum review year, so Vinita and I have been busy all summer looking in detail at our 56-course syllabi. I also worked very hard to revise the doctrinal statement of NIITS to make it more comprehensive and detailed. It has been a great blessing to spend extra time in the Scriptures and studying various doctrinal positions and formulating one for NIITS.

The Lord willing, I head back to Chandigarh, India on July 30 to lead my exhausted team as we fill many valleys and level many mountains to prepare the way for the Lord. We are dealing with numerous government regulations, new student recruitment issues, pandemic restrictions, staff shortages, financial pressures, and general ministry fatigue and discouragement.

My comfort is in the sovereignty of God. The people are His, His is the salvation provision, and His is the Kingdom; I may be panicking but He is not!!! We are trying to be good stewards of what He has entrusted to us until He returns to take account of it. “For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.” (Rom 11:36)

T, J & J (Bangladesh & NYC) August 25, 2022

Stealing, vaping, smoking, drinking, and other stimulants as young as 7 or 8 years old! Children are growing up amid different forms of idolatry and experiencing. Village poverty, hunger, conflict, crime, corruption, abuse, chaos, and depression is rampant. J and J work to develop our Bangladesh children’s ministries. For example, M (age of 13) was a wild, rebellious, angry Muslim boy. He roamed about beating up other kids and threatening them.

The So church began to minister to him and pray for him. M began to learn what sin is and how it affected his own heart and his relationship to God. Now M is testifying that Jesus has indeed given him a new heart. His parents marvel at how much he has changed. He tells other kids about Jesus and though they reject him because he is now a Christian, he still is happy in Jesus!

Bangladesh is ranked as the 7th saddest nation in the world! Muslims say Islam is a religion of peace, but they do not have peace. A Bengali journalist asked the question of why Bengalis are so sad under conditions of having many religious holidays. The inferred answer is that their Islamic approach to God is leaving them very sad. In Psalm 67, the heart petition is, “Let the nations be glad and sing for joy...Let all the people praise you.” Make this your prayer for Bangladesh and New York Bengalis. There is deep despair among them. May they see that deep joy in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

One night a group of 38 village leaders gathered in Ra to settle a dispute. The root of the conflict was A and S turning from Hindu idolatry to Jesus Christ. A shared how he received new life in Jesus, victory over sin, and eternal life. He also shared how Jesus died for his sins and theirs, and that he and his family are Christians, and can never leave Jesus to return to Hinduism. Praise God, the case was closed.

Tseveen & Amaraa (Mongolia) July 22, 2022

We just finished our first Selenge camp. Around 60 kids participated, and 5 Russian people helped with the camp program. The first time we partnered with them in running the camp. We had such great times. We learned a lot from each other. Half of the kids received Jesus Christ and half of them were interested in learning more about Jesus. Praise the Lord! We saw God working in many ways, especially in the weather. We had our programs outdoors. Some unbelievers even were amazed that our God controlled everything even though the weather!

August 25, 2022

We finished this summer’s camps and trips well. The last Capernaum camp was amazing. Around 100 disabled kids and parents participated in that camp. Our volunteers and I learned so much from disabled kids and their parents.

I (Tessy) took time to talk with disabled kids. One girl who has cerebral palsy is named Selenge. She loves talking to others. When she was at a young age, she had gone to church with her mom. She knows a little about the gospel. During the camp days, she really wanted to know more about Jesus and to go to church. We studied the follow-up materials together. She gave thanks to the Lord for her situation even though it’s not easy. God is good all the time.


A & K (Bethlehem) August 28, 2022

Greetings! K and I have been praying that during the summer you will encounter some special blessings. We certainly have! We are thrilled with the addition of a new granddaughter to the family, Anna Josefina. We’ve been back in the States to greet and delight in Anna. God is good! Anna is our seventh grandchild.

We are heading back to Jerusalem and Bethlehem next Tuesday, August 30! When we arrive back in Bethlehem, we will be in the thick of our work again. We will begin our worship services in Jerusalem on September 4 and our peace programs begin on September 5.

NORTH AMERICA Dominic & Gladys (Canada)

In our previous ministry update and prayer request, we asked you to pray for the safe delivery of Tayaba, the Muslim daughter-in-law of brother Akhlaq and Sister Balquees. We praise God that He heard our prayers. On June 4, we organized a surprise baby shower for Tayyaba at our apartment. She was so happy. It has been our prayer that she will see the love of God through this celebration. We had games, gift giving and good food, but the main item was praying over Tayyaba and Asfand. The day after the celebration, we received a long-distance call from the family of Tayyaba in Pakistan. They expressed their joy and appreciation for the celebration we had for their daughter. July 3, Tayyaba gave birth to a handsome baby boy. They named the boy, Sheik Issa.

Brother Akhlaq and Sister Balquees were delighted that the couple gave the name Issa (which means Jesus) and not Mohammad. May Sheik Issa grow up to be a follower of the

Lord Jesus Christ. Pray also that one day Tayyaba will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

Ruth & Mehm (USA, Myanmar) July 31, 2022

First, we want to thank you again for your faithful prayers, words of hope, and encouragement, and for "coming alongside" us during the 3 1/2 intense weeks that Mehm's elder sister, Win Yi, fought...and lost the battle against cancer. We spent this past week recuperating from the shock and are still processing our loss. Throughout this journey, every one of us has leaned on the Lord and found His sure and embracing comfort.

I am resuming my online teaching this week. Thank you to those who volunteered to help respond to the persuasive essays which will be coming in a couple of weeks.

The situation in our beloved homeland deteriorates daily. I will not dwell on that right now, but please remember to pray for the Burmese people.

K (UN, USA) July 27, 2022

Meet Ambassador H, the Permanent Representative of G to the United Nations. H is a dear friend and brother in the Lord, who is also a current member of the very important UN Security Council.

Even though this ambassador is a seasoned, polished, and consummate diplomat, who is well qualified to discuss and deliberate the very difficult and dangerous issues that are confronting our globe today, it is his deep faith and relationship with the Lord that is his real source of strength and wisdom...and, certainly, what makes him so significant in this vital UN setting.

Interestingly, God has not placed him there alone. Seated to the right of H around the 15-member Security Council circular table is another dear friend and faithful brother in the Lord, Ambassador M of G.

Yes, God has placed two submitted and committed servants from Africa together on the globally visible UN Security Council!

The issues are heavy, the tasks are exceedingly difficult, and the outcomes of the SC decisions will have widespread global impacts for generations. Please keep these dear brothers in your prayers! May God grant them His vision, wisdom, patience and perseverance to follow His leading...and may they both be strong and courageous “ambassadors for Christ,” with both their lives and with their lips...for the good of the globe, and always for His glory!

Nadine (Memphis) August 2022

For several years you have prayed with me for God to provide Chinese youth to participate in Christian Youth In Action® (CYIA) and teach 5-Day Clubs. This year God provided five Chinese youth from Memphis Chinese Evangelical Church (MCEC). One was trained as a Bible teacher (BT) and four were trained as missionary teachers (MT). They taught clubs with me at day-cares and community centers. But I was most excited when they taught at two Chinese churches, Grace Chinese and First Chinese Baptist. At Grace Chinese, I had a BT and two MTs. I just helped with the opening games. One day while talking with a parent, one of the MTs started doing the opening games on his own. He was also great at leading the review games and getting the club started. Another day the BT led a child to Christ! The

smile he had on his face was priceless. Several of the parents told me how encouraging it was to see the youth teaching their children. They were so amazed at how well they taught at their ages: 12, 13, and 15. One of the moms asked me how the youth from Grace Chinese could get involved in CYIA next year. Lord willing, youth from Grace Chinese and other Chinese churches will participate in CYIA next year.

We plan to start clubs in the second week of September. This school year there is a potential to have 80 GNCs and 30 of them in the public schools. At least 9 of the GNCs would be in new schools. One school, which reached out to us, heard about us from a staff member at Richland Elementary. A teacher at another school heard about the GNC through her son’s friend, who attends the club at Richland. She emailed to ask about starting a GNC at her school. In one of the 5-Day Club locations, the director asked us to come back to do a GNC club. It is exciting to see the opportunities God brings to us.