Church Leadership

Jennie Work

Chair, Council of Missions

Jennie Work first attended Calvary Baptist Church at their Missions Conference in October 1975. It was at this conference the Lord touched her and she went down the aisle to recommit her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

"I am so excited and humbled that the Lord has now called me to head the Council of Missions. He is such an awesome God. I am in total awe of Him," she shared.

Jennie came to New York from China at the age of fifteen. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and worked as an architect for ten years before settling down to be a full time parent. In 1999, she was asked by Evangel Church to be their interim bookkeeper. Subsequently after bookkeeping, she became involved in Evangel Christian School, first as a teacher and eventually one of the assistant principals. In June 2017 she retired from Evangel Christian School.

Presently, Jennie serves on the boards of Evangel Christian School in LIC and Hephzibah House in NYC.

Jennie and her husband, William, have been married since 1971. They have three daughters, Wesley, Grace and Esther, and four grandchildren.

"Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them." Psalm 111:2. In her down time, Jennie delights in pondering the mighty works that the Lord has done in her life - to God be the glory!!!!