Church Leadership

Rev. Chad Wade

Music Director

We are pleased to welcome Rev. Chad Wade as Interim Music Director. Chad and his wife Megan have three children;  Will (7), Cady (4), Everett (1), and come to us from Connecticut. 

Originally from Chattanooga, Tenn., Chad has earned the Bachelor of Arts in Music, Master of Arts in Religion, and Master of Divinity. As Interim Music Director, Chad will lead Sunday worship.

Since becoming a Christian Chad has felt a call to change the world, and God has brought the world to New York.

“I was reading about Paul’s call to Macedonia (Acts 16:6-10) in the outdoor amphitheater at my college campus, and I knew God wanted me to make disciples and start churches,” recalled Chad. 

“I have no greater desire than to start a discipling movement, seeing the gospel spread through neighborhoods and networks like it did in Acts.”

In his spare time, Chad enjoys reading, taking part in CrossFit training, camping, and playing chess.