Church Leadership

Brunel Bienvenu

Young Adult Ministry Resident

Brunel is a Brooklyn native whose parents hail from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and MPA from Manhattan’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

While a student, Brunel came to faith in Jesus Christ and became involved in the college’s campus. Upon graduation, Brunel accepted a campus minister position with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship where he serves as a chapter planter.

His greatest joy about being in ministry is seeing young adults make decisions to follow Jesus and experience growth and transformation. He has a strong passion for evangelism, discipleship, and social justice.    

Brunel has served on mission with Calvary in the Mississippi Delta and is one of Calvary’s domestic missionaries. He is passionate about evangelism, teaching, and developing young adults. When he’s not serving in ministry, Brunel enjoys pickup basketball games and running.