Getting Started at NYSB

We are so happy you have chosen New York School of the Bible to start or continue your Bible education. The first place you’ll need to start is with earning your Core certificate.

Core Certificate Program

NYSB’s 3-year Core Certificate program is a foundational curriculum of 24 courses that provides a systematic and progressive plan of study.  New students are encouraged to register for the Preliminary Certificate courses.  

This 3-year certificate curriculum provides courses in Bible study methods, Bible survey, theological basics, and Christian living that will form a firm foundation for further studies at NYSB.

Below are the 8 classes offered each year. Next to the class name is the Term the class is offered. By taking 2 classes each term you will have earned a certificate and will be a third through the Core program (Completed in Year 3).

Preliminary Certificate (1st Year)

Intermediate Certificate (2nd Year)

Advanced Certificate (3rd Year)