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How do I apply for a short-term missions trip?

Complete the Short-Term Missions Application, contact the Missions Pastor for an interview, and submit the required deposit by the required date (usually 4 months before the trip).

Do I need to be a member or regular attendee of Calvary Baptist Church? 

No. Participating in a short term missions trip can be an excellent way to reach out to others, please be encouraged to recruit a non-believing friend or relative to join you in serving on a trip - especially if their skills are applicable to the trip needs.

Do I need to have any previous missions experience?

No. Some trips require specific skills or professional knowledge (such as medical expertise or teaching experience). Some locations also may have travel limitations (such as rough roads or the requirement to walk a lot on uneven ground). Participants will be briefed on this prior to a trip, but their ability to physically handle the demands will be up to their own discretion. Other than that, these trips are open to anyone who would like to apply.

What do you do on a missions trip? 

Every trip is uniquely tailored to help our full-time missionaries on the ground in their countries of service. Some trips will include physical exertion, such as building or cleaning, but many require the dedication of service with things like teaching, evangelism, or training in practical skills according to your expertise. Please see the trip description for a layout of what you will be expected to do, but always keep in mind that things change often and the Lord may change the nature of any given day of service once you are "on the ground" with your missionary.

What kind of preparation is provided?

STM training will take place during the 6-4 months leading up to the trip. This will include (but is not limited to) 2 in-person training sessions, which will cover training in evangelism and discipleship as well as cultural and logistic expectations, plus a short at-home YouTube-based training course which each participant will be expected to complete. Participation in the in-person and at-home trainings is mandatory in order to adequately prepare you to partake in the STM. Team members are also expected to be active participants in fundraising events, prayer meetings, and follow up with the congregation after the trip. 

What if I feel I have no relevant skills to serve on a Missions trip?

Consider this: the Lord has called each and every one of His children to participate in the Great Commission. You have unique passions, strengths, and abilities and the Lord is waiting only for you to put them to use for His glory. If you would like help in assessing how you may be used, please contact the Missions Pastor or any member of the Council of Missions and they will be sure to get you plugged into a STM trip which will be able to use your skills,

How do I pay for the trip? 

Each team member is responsible for raising their entire portion of the funds for the STM trip in which they are participating. Funds to be raised are generally between $800-$1500 depending on the trip (flight costs, lodging needs, etc. will determine how much). Four months before the trip date each participant will be asked for a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold their place on the team. The remainder of the funds will be raised by fundraising events or asking friends and loved ones to donate. While this task may seem daunting, it is a unique opportunity to see God provide in ways that will strengthen the faith of those going on the trip. Each person will be thoroughly equipped and prepared with the knowledge of how to raise support. This is typically done through emails that ask people to contribute toward the trip, or through corporate matching gifts. Please remember, each of our missionaries on the ground fundraises on a regular basis to make ends meet. Participating in this process helps us to identify with their struggle and to humble ourselves for the glory of God. Furthermore, many (if not most) of our congregation cannot go on a STM trip themselves. Asking for their financial partnership may be their only opportunity to participate in the missional service of CBC.

How is the cost determined?

Each team budget is different. Costs that must be covered include airfare, vehicle rental and gasoline, housing costs, food, visas, training materials, ministry materials, construction materials, and much more. Every effort is made to minimize costs without jeopardizing the quality, effectiveness or safety of the ministry. It is usually $1000- $1500, which includes the cost of travel and all room and board.

Is financial support available from the church?

Calvary Baptist Church does not provide any individual funding to attend STM trips. In our experience, if fundraising begins early enough, and team members send out letters, emails, or phone calls asking for donations - the funds come in relatively quickly. Please provide a list of Calvary members and attendees to the Missions Pastor prior to contacting them, so that he can ensure the same people are not being asked for funds on a repetitive basis. The first point of contact for fundraising should be family, friends, and coworkers that do not attend Calvary.

Are donor’s gifts tax-deductible and are gifts considered gifts to individual short-term missionaries?

Short-term Missions trips are part of the Vision/Outreach Ministries Budget of Calvary Baptist Church (CBC). The cost of these short-term missions trips are partially funded by the Ministry Fund Investments of CBC and partially funded by individual donors. In choosing to support the Short-term Missions trips of CBC you are helping to support a ministry of CBC and while your gift may certainly be preferenced for a particular trip participant, it may not be restricted to benefit a specific individual only. Gifts that are such restricted are considered to be earmarked and the IRS does not consider them to be tax-deductible donations. If the intent of the gift is to benefit the ministry and not a particular individual, the gift is indeed considered to be a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

Contributions to Short-term Missions Trips are solicited with the understanding that Calvary Baptist Church has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Calvary Baptist Church will attempt to honor gifts preferenced to support particular workers (trip participants), but the final decision on the use of all funds rests with the organization.

Are donor gifts sent to CBC?

Once you submit your non-refundable deposit of $200, you will be provided with a unique fundraising link that you can send to your donors. All they have to do is click the link and donate - their donation will be credited towards your trip.

If the short-term missions team member is unable to go on the trip, then can the donations be returned to the donors?

If for some reason a team member is unable to go on the trip, the donations will be used to support the missions trip or other missions projects. Note that donations are made to the missions project and not to an individual short-term missions team member. Based on IRS regulations, in order for donations to be tax-deductible, they must be irrevocable and non-refundable.

What if more money comes in for me than what I need?

If you raise more than the required amount for your trip, great job! Funds raised as individuals are not meant to cover just "their costs." They are meant to represent a portion of the whole cost of the team going on the STM. Any money raised over "your" portion will go to offset others who may not have met their goal. If the team raises its joint goal collectively, any extra funds raised will be used to bless the full-time missionary to accomplish a special project related to the team's work. If a team does not meet their collective goal, further fundraising will have to take place before plane tickets are purchased. If too much of a deficit exists, the trip may be postponed until another time to allow time for complete fundraising. (Calvary is unable to subsidize under-funded trips - all trips are entirely independent and self-funded).

What if less money comes in for me?

Sometimes God uses a serious lack of support as an indicator that a person should not go on a particular project. The guideline we follow is that a participant must have 100% raised before their flight will be booked. If this does not occur, please discuss it with your team leader and you will be given the option of paying the difference or postponing your involvement. As previously mentioned, any surplus funds raised by other team members can go to help support team members who are under-supported. If you are unable to participate in the trip after submitting your non-refundable deposit, the deposit will go towards the team's collective fundraising goal.

How many people will be on the short-term missions team?

Typically anywhere from 5 to 15 people participate. Team size is determined by the needs of our full-time missionaries and travel logistics.

Will I need shots?

Though it is unlikely that you will need shots, this and all other safety-related questions will be addressed at your first in-person training sessions, which will be specific to the trip that your team is participating in.

What is a visa?

A visa is an entry document required by a foreign government in addition to your passport. Not all foreign governments require a visa. Your team leader will check the foreign entry requirements for the country you plan to visit. A visa may be stamped on your passport or a paper visa may be affixed to your passport. If a visa is required, we’ll provide the appropriate visa application forms for you to complete. Most visa applications require two or three passport-size photos as well. The visa fees for each team member are included in the team budget. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please make sure that the team leader and the Missions Department know this information. It may mean a different visa process for you. If you do not have a passport, we recommend that you begin the process immediately. See complete passport information from the U.S. Department of State. Most countries require that travelers’ passports not expire within six months of the end of travel. Please check your passport immediately. If it is set to expire within six months of the end of this trip, please begin the process to renew it now. Please note - if you are not a U.S citizen, you may be able to travel more freely to certain closed countries. Please contact Dr. A.R. Javed at 212-975-0170, or email  Calvary's Missions Council and Dr. A.R. Javed. to see how you may be able to be uniquely used on a STM.

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