Parenting with Mental Health in Mind

There is something we know about you—you really love your child. Odds are you want to better understand and help navigate their world of mental health. You don’t have to be a perfect parent, you just have to be intentional. One step… one conversation… at a time. Come join us as we talk about our kids, their mental health, and how we can help our children walk with Christ. We'd like families to attend the 9:30 worship service together and then at 11, the kids and youth can join their phase-appropriate ministry while the parents enjoy this special gathering time. CLICK to register.

For three Sundays in January, we will hold two-morning services, 9.30AM and 11AM, in a temporary Hunter College location in the West Building, 6th Floor, Room #615.
(Not North Building, Assembly Hall)

  • Follow the Calvary street signs to enter the southwest corner of Lexington Avenue and East 68th Street.
  • Family Ministry programs will be held on the 4th floor in Hunter West Building during the 11 AM service.
  • NO Family Ministry programs during 9.30 AM service except for nursery and preschool.