Sunday Worship at Hunter College

We gathering weekly at Hunter College for in-person worship at 10 a.m. Please join us or CLICK TO WATCH LIVE.

Our Fall sermon series is 'I Gotta' Know: Big Questions Answered by Jesus Himself'

  • Sept. 12: How to Understand Forgiveness
  • Sept. 19: How not to be a Hypocrite
  • Sept. 26: Guest Speaker
  • Oct. 3: How Will My Prayers Be Answered?
  • Oct. 10: How Can I Know God as Father?
  • Oct. 17: Guest Speaker Dr. David Garrison - Global Missions Conference
  • Oct. 24: What Does it Mean, "Thy Kingdom Come"
  • Oct. 31: How to Rely on God
  • Nov. 7: How to Forgive Others
  • Nov. 14: How to Overcome Temptation
  • Nov. 21: Why Fasting Matters

Due to a new policy by the City University of New York (CUNY), all persons entering the building are required to show proof of either full vaccination status or a negative PCR test administered within seven days prior to entering their facilities. All submitted information will be verified before approval is given, therefore, we need you to submit your information before coming to church on Sunday. There is no symptom checker or screening on arrival. There is no smartphone app. After vaccination/testing has been verified, each person receives notification of results by email/text message which will allow prompt entry into the building. If you choose to delay submission until Sunday, all information will have to be manually verified, which will delay your entry into the worship service.

The Cleared4 access form is very easy to navigate - let's get started:

  • Click HERE
    • First enter your name and email; for 'Company' type in Calvary, for 'Tag' choose the guest option. Press Enter.
    • You'll immediately get an email with instructions on how to submit images of your vaccination card or negative PCR test
    • After you have submitted the Cleared4 access form and Hunter has completed the verification process, you will receive a link to your Cleared4 CUNY Access Pass. It is recommended that you save that link for future use.

As a reminder, CUNY-Hunter College and Calvary Baptist Church require everyone to wear a mask while on campus.

Things to remember:

1. The protocol for kids 11 and under remains the same – no screening, no testing.

2. Visitors to Hunter can bookmark their unique individual web addresses to retrieve the most recent pass for display or printing at any time.

3. If providing COVID test results, one will need to register and upload current test results two days prior to returning to campus.


For those unable to join us in person, click the image above to WATCH LIVEor join us on Facebook Live or YouTube at 10 a.m. EST. 

Phone-In Opportunity: Using Zoom, a free service, anyone can dial the number to be connected to our worship service. 

  • Call this number: 19292056099
  • When prompted enter Meeting ID: 809 418 7414