Old Testament Hebrew Foundations IV

T111D Old Testament Hebrew Foundations IV

Prerequisite: T111C or consent of the instructor

Old Testament Hebrew

This certificate program provides a foundation in understanding Old Testament Hebrew.  The goals are for you to learn the grammar and vocabulary in order to be able to read the Hebrew Old Testament, to use Hebrew in a practical way in your study of God’s Word, and to utilize the study aids available.

This course introduces the imperfect tense of the regular verb in the Qal stem, and includes the rules of grammar associated with the derived stems of the basic Qal stem in the Niphal, Piel, Pual, Hiphil, Hophal, and Hithpael verbal stem patterns.  The use of the imperative based upon an analogy with the imperfect tense will also be discussed at length.

Required for Old Testament Hebrew Grammar.

Required for the Old Testament Hebrew Certificate.

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