Alexander Hamilton in NYC: Saint, Sinner, and Statesman

482H Alexander Hamilton in NYC: Saint, Sinner, and Statesman

One of the lesser known Founding Fathers has seen a revival in his status due to a popular show on Broadway.  This class will examine the life of Alexander Hamilton, his spiritual journey (warts and all), political views, and New York City connections.

This class will meet at NYSB on the 10th and 17th.  On the 24th, the class will conclude with the class joining the instructor on a walking tour of New York City to view the places where Hamilton lived, studied, worked, worshipped, and his final resting place at Trinity Church Wall Street.

The walking tour is included for those registered for S482H.  The tour is open to everyone else (group size is limited to 25) at the cost of $30 per person (registration due by June 16).

Regretfully, the course AND tour has been cancelled for June.  Hopefully the tour will be an option in 2017-18.

Fulfills Intermediate Certificate ministry elective or Advanced Certificate elective.