The Four Dimensions of a Man

438B The Four Dimensions of a Man

When the LORD God created man and breathed life into Adam, He afforded man the opportunity to live life in four dimensions:  in wisdom, (intellectually), in stature (physically), connecting socially (relationally), and with God (spirituality).  This course will put under the microscope the verse of Luke 2:52 which says:  "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."  Christ lived life out loud in this manner from His virgin birth to His sacrificial death and resurrection.  Each week we will look to model our lives as Jesus lived, so our lives are marked like the Master's from the womb to the tomb, by observing one dimension per week.  For to live the holistic life from Christ's perspective is to live a holy life.

Qualifies for the Church Leadership Certificate.

NOTE: This course is for men only.


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