Effective Teaching: Understanding Basic Principles

422A Effective Teaching: Understanding Basic Principles

Principles are fundamental truths or guidelines which when applied appropriately and faithfully, make what we are doing more effective. Unfortunately, too many teachers in our churches today are not equipped with those fundamental principles of teaching! This course will encourage you and better equip you to teach your students, as well as prepare you to help others sharpen their teaching skills, too.


1. THE PRINCIPLES OF TEACHING by Dr. Sam Doherty (free book or free download)

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  1. SEVEN LAWS OF TEACHING by John Milton Gregory (Baker Book House) This book was first published in 1884!


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Under the leadership of Pastor Michael D. Velardo.

B.A. Social Sciences, Nyack Missionary College ('72); M.A. Biblical Studies, Denver Seminary ('75).  Child Evangelism Fellowship (1978-2008).  Dean, New York School of the Bible/Dir. of Children’s Ministries, Calvary Baptist Church (NYC) (2008-2018)(Retired June 2018).  NYSB faculty member since 2002.  

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