Leading Congregational Change

419C Leading Congregational Change

The church today is, in a sense, more powerful, influential, and wealthy than ever before.  Our pastors are better educated, technology and media tools abound, staff and outreach capacity surpasses any time in history.  We have been empowered with the keys of the Kingdom.  Have you ever wondered why, despite all this, Christianity does not have an unprecedented impact or even seem to make much of a difference?  Clearly, the church has yet to become a model for society, let alone reach its redemptive potential.  As individuals, we are prone to become comfortably numb and even complacent.  Church dynamics are indeed complex.  Leaders must leverage the opportunities of challenge and conflict in love, by grace, with the wisdom of Solomon, the resolve of Paul, and the patience of Job.  This course focuses on an understanding of the strategic leadership issues associated with Biblically balanced change.  It will help church or para-church leaders navigate these challenges more effectively and to improve the health of the organizations they lead.