Expository Teaching and Preaching--Character Studies

412C Expository Teaching and Preaching--Character Studies

Prerequisites:  101A and B

Biblical characters are the most fascinating to study and to teach about.  Each Biblical character differs and can be used as a paradigm for how we conduct our own lives.  Scores of books have been written about the major personalities in the Bible—Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Peter, Samson, and Paul, just to name a few.  Movies have been made about Jesus, Moses, Noah, Joseph, and the list goes on.  The teacher or preacher has an inexhaustible amount of material to present to one’s audience when choosing to teach or preach a Biblically biographical exposition on one of the personalities in Scripture.  This course is a study on expository teaching or preaching.  Exegetical soundness and accuracy is required of the teacher or preacher.  The course is both a study and practicum in teaching or preaching about Biblical characters.

NOTE:  Students who missed any two of the four courses, 413A–D, offered in 2017–18 can complete 412C and 412D and substitute these two courses to complete and earn the Expository Teaching and Preaching the Bible Diploma.


101A and B