Value of and Preparation for Short-term Missions

409S Value of and Preparation for Short-term Missions

There is no doubt that short-term missions is very important to expose our congregations in North America to the needs around the world.  A cross-cultural experience for a short period of time outside one’s daily routine can bring lasting change in the life of the believer and the church.  This course will look at the structure, challenges, and benefits of short-term missions.  It is designed for both the church leaders who lead short-term mission trips (such as medical, construction, or simply helping a local church overseas) and the congregants who join the team.  The course will offer a step-by-step technique to plan for and implement  an effective short-term mission trip, including how to find a legitimate church or organization to partner with, how to recruit team members, how to inspire giving in the church for short-term missions, how to prepare in terms of medical needs, visas, fund raising, flight arrangements, and how to get feedback after each trip.