Local vs. Global Missions

402 Local vs. Global Missions

The last words of a person who is leaving you become a memory.  And if the person happens to be the king and his last words were his final command, then his followers ought to obey that command even if it costs them their lives.  Such are the words of Matthew 28:19-20.  If we truly believe these last words of Jesus, what more motivation do we need to be involved in outreach?  His promised presence provides the confidence and boldness needed to obey.  Yet many people are afraid of missions because they feel they have to leave their families or have to relocate to another country where they have to learn a new language and culture.  But Jesus’ other last words in Acts 1 about “Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria” mean that we start from our own home town.  The study of missions challenges us to ask how we are investing our lives when we go out from times of worship and edification at church.  Is the Great Commission a part of our everyday life-style?  In this course, we will study the importance of both local and global missions and the significance of short-term and long-term missions.