The Mission of God in the Local and Global Church

400 The Mission of God in the Local and Global Church

God is the initiator of missions.  It is the very heart of God—He sent His only Son to reconcile mankind back to Himself.  The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18–19 tells us to GO.  It does not say that we are to urge them to “come and see.”  Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.”  This authority gave Jesus power over death.  This is the context for His next word, “Therefore, go.”  It is as though Jesus is saying that the time to “come and see” is over.  Jesus triumphed over death.  If you believe it, GO and make disciples.  Is the Great Commission a part of our everyday life-style?  In this course, we will study the importance of both local and global missions and the significance of short-term and long-term missions.  This course is the story of those who took the command seriously and then faithfully made a difference.  We will study the efforts of missionaries to bring the Word of God from Jerusalem to the ends of the world.  We will also study the emergence of mission methods.  Is God calling me to ministry or missions?

Required for the Understanding Christian Missions and Islam Certificate.