Helping Teenagers to Pray

363P Helping Teenagers to Pray

How far do you think your teenagers’ prayers scope extends?  Are they mostly praying about their own personal stuff?  Help me pass this test.  Help me make the team.  Help me get that guy/girl to like me.  Now do not get me wrong.  Those are important requests to bring to God.  Jesus taught us to bring our personal needs to the Father in the Lord’s Prayer.  But He also taught us to do more than that.

In this course, we will equip Christian leaders to assist teens in encountering God in quiet, contemplative ways.  This course will help you introduce students to a life-style of prayers.  Not only are there explorations of classical methods of prayer that involve silence, solitude, and Scripture, but you will also discover more recent forms of prayer that use creative media, music, writing, movement, and acts of compassion.  As you help teens bring prayer into their everyday lives, your students will find that they long for those times when they can step away from it all and find rest and comfort in God.

Fulfills Youth Ministry Certificate required elective.