Mobilizing the Next Generation for Today and Tomorrow

343C Mobilizing the Next Generation for Today and Tomorrow

"What if service is also a catalyst for initiating faith in someone's heart? It is not unusual for students who are not believers to be rallied to participate in a missional effort that captures their hearts. When students engage in something bigger than themselves and see God working in the lives of others around them, it can be a powerful force to confront their personal need for a relationship with Christ. One of the best ways to stimulate faith is to give someone an opportunity to have a personal ministry." (Think Orange)

Textbooks: 'Keeping Your Children's Ministry on Mission: Practical Strategies for Discipling the Next Generation' by Jared Kennedy and 'Orange Leader Handbook: A Think Orange Companion' by Reggie Joiner


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Under the leadership of Tanya Velardo

B.A. Bible with a Missions emphasis, Lancaster Bible College; Graduate of Children’s Ministry Institute, Child Evangelism Fellowship International Headquarters.  Children’s Ministry Director, Renaissance Church, Harlem.

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