Essentials of Family Ministry

340A Essentials of Family Ministry

When you mix the color red, representing the love of the family, with yellow, representing the light of the church, you create a beautiful orange. When the church and family work together, they are more significant than the two influences working alone. As leaders and Orange Thinkers, we allow five faith-building priorities for the next generation to impact the development of our family ministries. The Five Essentials of the Orange Strategy will spark conversations centered on developing an effective family ministry for the sake of engaging families in your community. A new family ministry vision awaits.

Qualifies for the Family Ministry Diploma.

Required Textbook: Think Orange:  Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide, Reggie Joiner, David C. Cook; 978-1434764836

  •    Also: store.thinkorange.com:  9781635700657

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