Missions and the Muslim Next Door

312E Missions and the Muslim Next Door

Muslims make up 40% of the total unreached people groups.  Therefore, Islamic countries and communities are the largest missions fiield.  The Islamic holy book, Qur'an, claims to be the last and complete revelation of God that was given to the most favorite prophet of Allah, Muhammad at the age of 40.  Muslims throughout the world claim that the Qur'an is pure and infallible, promised by Allah to protect it until the very end of the world from any corruption or change.  Meanwhite, Muslims claim that the Bible has been changed and thus no longer a valid revelation of God.  This course is an intense comparison of the Qur'anic cliams and the Biblical claims regarding the text and the historical preservation of each.  The teaching of both books and the fulfillment of some of the claims both books have made will be examined.  This is a course for those who wish to understand Islamic apologetics.  The course will focus on Muslim communities in New York City as local mission fields

Required for the Understanding Christian Missions and Islam Certificate