Knowing God in Christ: Our Life's Priority

212K Knowing God in Christ: Our Life's Priority

As we live in an exciting and intellectually stimulating time, our most impressive world offers abundant information, unprecedented communication capabilities, rich and diverse entertainment options, advanced technological comfort, the finest luxuries, and more.  These luring imposters, albeit non-nefarious in and of themselves, subtly seduce us with a fleeting gratification, ultimately leaving us empty and unfulfilled.  The quest for personal satisfaction is both futile and misguided.  Amidst this blur, what really matters most is so easily set aside.  Sadly, our true priority in life is often not even fully realized, rarely wholeheartedly embraced, let alone actually enjoyed!

Beyond knowing “about” God, which is where we must start, growing in relationship to Him, in and through the person of Jesus Christ, is indeed what really matters.  As we allow God to reveal Himself to us, He draws us even closer, graciously quenching our deepest thirst, with the wonder, glory, and joy of knowing Him.  Join us as we seek to apprehend the immense fullness of God!