Slavery, the Bible, and Practical Christian

199S Slavery, the Bible, and Practical Christian

Does the Bible condone slavery?  Is there a Biblical origin of the “races”?  What is the Biblical answer to racism?  What do the Old Testament and New Testament say about slavery?  This class will examine what the Bible says about these subjects as well as the theology of the abolitionists and the pro-slavery advocates.  The history of slavery in New York City as well as the Biblical themes in Uncle Tom’s Cabin will be discussed.  In conclusion, the Apostle Paul’s “Emancipation Proclamation”, the book of Philemon, will be expounded.

NOTE:  The Saturday tour, “A History of Slavery in New York City:  A Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan,” will be a component of this course.  Students registered for 199S will not incur an additional charge for the tour.  Students nor registered for the course are welcome to register for and join the group on the tour.  Please see pages 74–75 of the catalog, or 715 under the NYSB - Seminary Tours for tour details.