Titus: The Man, the Message, and the Mission

180A Titus: The Man, the Message, and the Mission

This class will examine the life of Titus, a fellow-worker with the Apostle Paul, and immerse ourselves into the culture of the First-Century AD society on the Island of Crete.  In so doing, a deeper appreciation of the words of the Apostle Paul as he instructs his associate, Titus, and by extension, the churches on Crete, on how to live godly lives in an ungodly society.

This immersion into the culture will be done by looking at the history, archaeology, geography, and ancient sources that relate to First-Century AD Crete.  It is only when one grasps the culture of the island that the words of the epistle of Titus take on a sharper meaning and can be properly applied to the 21st century culture that the church is in.

Fulfills Bible elective for Intermediate Certificate.

Or, fulfills elective for Advanced Certificate.

Fulfills elective for Advanced Certificate.