The Book of Matthew

166 The Book of Matthew

Matthew, the former tax-collector and later an apostle of the Lord Jesus, wrote the first gospel in the New Testament to a believing Jewish audience in Judea in the first half of the first century a.d.  His purpose was to demonstrate that the Lord Jesus was the King of Israel and also the fulfillment of all that was written and spoken by the Hebrew prophets.  This class will emphasize the Jewishness of the Lord Jesus and set the gospel of Matthew in its Jewish context.  We will survey the gospel and look at important themes that Matthew wrote about.  An examination will be given of the birth narratives (1–2), the Sermon on the Mount (5–7), the miracles of the Lord Jesus (8–9), the parables of the Kingdom (13), the Denunciation of the Pharisees (23), the Olivet discourse (24–25), and the final week and after (26–28).

Year 1 Bible course for a Bible Certificate.