New Testament Survey: Romans - Revelation

165B New Testament Survey: Romans - Revelation

Building on the foundation of the historical books in 165A, this study will focus on the other 22 books, the culmination of God’s holy Scriptures.  The themes and general purposes of the Pauline Epistles, General Epistles, and the book of Revelation will be emphasized.  In addition, there will be discussion on applying the truths essential to a dynamic Christian witness.

NOTE:  The purpose of each New Testament survey course is to give an overview of each book in each survey group.  Time does not premit a verse-by-verse study of each book.  The Bible Certificate program will give the student the opportunity to study a book in more detail.

Required for the Preliminary Certificate.

Required Textbook:

Talk Thru the Bible, Bruce Wilkerson & Kenneth Boa, Nelson Reference, 0-7852-1221-3

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