The Book of Daniel

148 The Book of Daniel

The book of Daniel has been studied and analyzed from a number of different perspectives, including genre, culture, and historical value, as is true of other masterpieces of art and literature as well.  The Lord Jesus, however, certified Daniel as a prophet (Mt. 25:15), and it is the prophetic significance of the book that this course will demonstrate.  Daniel’s prophecies, like all true prophecy, center in the Lord Jesus Christ (Rev. 19:10).  Daniel’s prophecies relate not only to the first coming of the Lord Jesus to earth, but to the second coming and the events both before and after, with the establishment of the messianic kingdom and the fulfillment of the Biblical covenants.  The prophecies of this book are indispensible for an understanding of the complete prophetic scenario of the Bible.  It is our privilege to obtain from this book the true prophetic perspective as God has revealed it through Daniel.