The Book of 1 Samuel

131A The Book of 1 Samuel

Ancient Israel was under a monarchy for 500 years. 1 Samuel is the story of how monarchical rule in Israel began. The book covers a period of about a 115 years beginning with the birth of Samuel, the last judge of Israel, until the rise of the Davidic monarchy. There are a number of identifiable themes in 1 Samuel, the sovereignty of God, human failure, grace, and kingship. Outside of Jesus, no one else is cited more times in the Bible than David. 1 Samuel records his intriguing ascendancy to the throne. Students will learn about Eli's priesthood, Eli's rebel sons, the turbulent times of King Saul, the heroic and shameful deeds of David and God's ultimate triumphant over a wicked monarch.

Qualifies for the Bible Certificate Program.

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