Old Testament Intensive: Joshua to Saul

121G Old Testament Intensive: Joshua to Saul

Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel 1-15

Israel becomes a nation.  God's chosen people enter Canaan and begin the conquest of the land.  But because the people's obedience is not complet, the nation will suffer greatly as God chastises Israel by the hands of her enemies.  Judges will call Israel back to God periodically.  Meanwhile Israel fails to be the blessing to the nations she was intended by God.  He reveals that His plan of redemption is for all peoples.  He mercifully illustrates this by reaching beyond the Israelite boundaries and bringing Ruth, a Moabitess, into the Messianic line.

NOTE:  This is a 3-hour course and thus, the cost of the course is $130.

Required for the OT Intensive Certificate.