Old Testament Survey: History

121B Old Testament Survey: History

Dates and kings and maps and things are dry, dusty facts unless you are reliving the events of God’s chosen people.  No other nation has so miraculously experienced God’s hand in its history.  Triumph and tragedy are intersecting paths that direct Israel’s journey from the walls of Jericho (Joshua) to the courts of Persia (Esther).  Great blessings await God’s people today who learn these lessons from long ago!

NOTE:  The purpose of each Old Testament survey course is to give an overview of each book in each survey group.  Time does not permit a verse-by-verse study of each book.  The Bible Certificate program will give the student the opportunity to study a book in more detail.

Required for the Preliminary Certificate.

Required Textbook:

Talk Thru the Bible, Bruce Wilkerson & Kenneth Boa, Nelson Reference, 0-7852-1221-3

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