Council of Missions Fall Updates

Calvary Baptist Church supports missionaries all over the world. Below is a recent report of their activities, challenges, burdens, encouragements, etc. Please remember to lift these individuals up in your prayers.


Cephas Tushima in Nigeria

Early last month, I had the misfortune of burying another “daughter,” Aisha Biliya, in Abuja, the Federal Capital City. Aisha was a convert from Islam and grew in her faith to become a faithful follower of the Way. Her death was as sudden and shocking as that of Deborah. I have been truly broken by these bereavements, and need the Lord’s help and strength to continue.

In spite of the grieving, I am managing to get back to work. We had our first major ECWA Education Dept program in early September, with all of the ECWA leadership in attendance. I also preached in my local church in September, during which I experienced a lot of God's grace. I’ll be preaching on 10/10/2020 at the installation of a Diocesan leader in Makurdi, Benue. On 10/15-16 I will be meeting with all the Heads of ECWA theological institutions, preparatory to the reopening of schools. This will be followed the week after by a meeting with the heads of elementary and secondary schools; and then the Education Dept Board meeting for the annual performance appraisal and budget meeting of the year. Thereafter, I will be taking my leave in order to recuperate and get refreshed for the coming year. I hope to spend some of that time in the States. I’ll keep you posted.


Klaus Puplichhuisen in Germany

Last week, I was tested twice for any Corona infection. Why? Two weeks ago, one elderly sister in our Tuesday Bible class in my village went to her doctor because of throat irritations. She was tested and found positive. All members of the Bible class had to be tested. We were all found negative, but we were put on a quarantine for one week. The sister is doing fine.

This coming weekend I will preach again in the church of my German pastor friend in Cham/Bavarian Forest. Due to Corona we had to cancel our common outreach in Nakuru, Kenya in March. Last month, two brothers came with their book tables with Christian literature, and we set it up in the marketplace in our district town of Kelheim/Danube. We gave away Bibles, books and had some good talks with passerbys. One man came to our Wednesday Bible class in Kelheim. I continue my witnessing by telephone, letters, sending books, and teaching in my local classes. I had my 81st birthday last month, and I feel healthy and well. Praise God!


Andrew in Palestine/Bethlehem

He and his wife, Karen have been working in Palestine for over 22+ years. They started a Peace and Reconciliation program in Bethlehem Chrsitian College. Due to the COVID-19, they are unable to return to Israel until the border opens. At present, they are working closely with their team in Bethlehem remotely.


Gary in the USA

This week, we sent to several hundred leaders around the world an appeal from our Lord, using “justice” as the theme. One leader responded:

Thank you very, very much for your continuous support in prayer and the invaluable biblical advice, which helped strengthen my belief, trust and faith in the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ and keeping the Word of God that is alive and provides us with life, light and His love. These are guiding me in my work, as a statesman, by putting them into practice. Similarly, I will certainly apply "justice" in my everyday living​.

Nadine Haire in the USA

I am currently teaching six clubs: one is at a home, two are at a private school, two are at a daycare and one is at a church.
I finished my translation project that will help CEF of Taiwan's next year summer missions program. Helen, CEF of Taiwan worker, told me she will be emailing me song IPEARs to translate next. IPEAR is a method we use to teach the songs to the children. Each letter stands for something: I-introduction, P-presentation, E-Explanation, A-application and R-repetition.


Todd, Jenny, & Jennifer in NYC & Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Trishna, Pastor Dipon’s wife, went to bring the gospel to a Hindu village. The villagers responded saying no Christian has ever come to us to tell us about Jesus. We want to hear. Weekly, they gather in Pastor Dipon and Trishna’s home to hear the Scriptures and learn about who Jesus is. However, family and community pressures start to prevent some from drawing closer to Christ. Just this week a mother rebuked and forbade pastor Dipon and Trishna to come to their home again and forbid any further teaching of Jesus to her son, Shanti (who is an adult). We are praying for Shanti’s courage to seek Christ.

In NYC, Mrs. A. cried out to Jennifer to help her deal with her son who was arrested for petty theft and her husband who has anger issues and gambling. Jennifer helped with the translation as Mrs. A. met with her son’s lawyer. Mrs. A. also revealed to Jennifer her husband’s abuse. The home situation is spiraling down. Pain abounds with no hope. Jennifer’s question to Mrs. A. was this, “Can you see the path (Islam) that you are on is not working and you aren’t finding God’s help for your family?” Mrs. A. wanted our help.

There are few witnesses in the Bangla tongue to Bengalis in NYC. Pray for God’s grace as we minister in their native language.

Ruth Tun Thein in the USA & Thailand

This is just a short note to let you know that my mom, Sally, passed away in late September. It was very hard to concentrate these last couple of months, and especially the last few weeks. This journey through the valley of the shadow of death has led me to a deeper faith and greater commitment to my family, looking for every opportunity to give a word of hope and truth.

Thank you for joining us in prayer, friendship, and encouragement.