Council of Missions Updates

Calvary Baptist Church supports missionaries all over the world. Below is a recent report of their activities, challenges, burdens, encouragements, etc. Please remember to lift these individuals up in your prayers.



D & J (Malaysia, USA)

  • Pray for us as we travel to Malaysia on January 11. Pray that the logistics of getting all our luggage, and all of us together through the airport, and between layovers, would be stress free.
  • Pray for us as we quarantine for 7 days upon arrival, that none of us would get sick or end up testing positive with Covid.

T, J & J (Bangladesh, USA) - They have arrived back to NYC, week of December 20th, from Bangladesh after a very eventful time there.

  • Pray for JMLA, a believer there who is in her mid-sixties, widowed, illiterate and who used to be a Muslim. Her sons have forbidden her from believing in Jesus and have withheld food and clothing from her.
  • Praise the Lord, our brothers and sisters in Christ were very encouraged and lifted by our going out to them in their villages.
  • Pray for wisdom on how we need to adapt our mission’s work. While there we encountered persecution first hand in trying to gather the believers up north.
  • Pray for greater insight into how we need to work at ministering the gospel in the villages. There are significant challenges for our pastors. Pray we will be able to improve our ministry and hopefully see more fruitfulness.
  • Thank the Lord, He blessed our time of ministering the Word through preaching, ministering to Hindu children, witnessing to a Hindu priest, and ministering truth to our persecuted brethren.
  • Pray that there will be more workers to come alongside them in their ministry.

Abraham & Laura (Philippines) - Please continue to pray for us to get to America soon.

We have a glimpse of hope to be able to send the dogs with another airline at a lower cost. There hasn’t been much activity the last couple of days because of the holidays. It is possible that we may have to delay our return by a few days. The Lord is at work and we are hopeful. We need your continued prayers.


Susan (Romania)

  • Please pray: for fatigue to lift completely
  • for many 2021 grads to register for Module 1 and for 2020 grads to register for Module 2
  • for a new probable collaboration with Credinta la Munca (Faith at work) to form vocational groups in Bucharest and Timisoara (more about that next time)
  • for God to raise up leaders for various aspects of the Grad work, starting with older grads to lead ProImpact groups in their towns.
  • for God to comfort grieving Christians and allow them to pass on His comfort and good news, to grieving friends and neighbors.


Nadine (CEF, Memphis, TN)


  • Over 2,200 children enrolled in the GNCs and the 29 children who made a profession of faith!
  • For 127 trained GNCs trained volunteers with 25 student helpers. Some of these student helpers were former GNCs students.
  • For the GNC being able to start at LaRose Elementary.


  • For travel safety as we drive to the Christmas party clubs. For the hearts of the children to be receptive to the Christmas story.
  • For the youth who will be invited to the Christian Youth In Action recruitment party in January.
  • For the Good News Club at Grace Chinese to start soon at the beginning of the new year.

David & Bethanne (CRU, Pennsylvania)


  • A praise that Bethanne is still alive. This month (12/2021) marks 13 years since the onset of her ALS. We do give thanks "in" everything.
  • Please pray that God will use our circumstances to minister to those in need as well as to reflect the gospel to others who might be tempted to give in to bitterness when facing turmoil whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.
  • Pray David stays healthy and well as his role is one-of-a-kind as quarterback of all the nursing and medical decisions, father to three adult kids, and full-time missionary with Cru.


  • Pray for our kids. We have 2 pro-vax children and 1 anti-vax child. (They're all adults now and not living at home.) This situation has caused dissension like none other in our family. Thankfully both parties come to see us but they don't want to be with each other which grieves us greatly. Thankfully both parties listen to David and appreciate his input but they're not yet able to get to any sort of compromise or reconciliation. It's not all about the vaccine as that was simply the trigger for a number of years of issues. We know we're not an isolated case in this issue. It's tough on Bethanne who is now non-communicative though mentally aware to know of this but be unable to do anything but pray to bring healing.


  • ●  Praise God that our mobilization conference in November had 110 students at an in-person conference in Albany, NY.

  • ●  Please pray these students will heed the charge they heard at this event and apply for ministry roles this coming January-March (our application season)!

  • ●  Our Winter Conference in Baltimore (Dec. 28-January 1) which is for collegians from Maine to North Carolina has seen good numbers in early registration. Pray that the weather and the latest variation of Covid will not hinder this conference.

K (UN, USA) - Thank you for your many prayers on our behalf, as we strive to reach the UN Ambassadors from 193 nations with the eternal truth and unfailing love of Jesus Christ!

Please join us in praying that each will:

  • embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior;  
  • become effective “ambassadors for Christ” within their UN Missions (i.e. embassies) and among their peers;
  • and carry the Gospel back to their government leaders and nation.

Orlando (InterVarsity, NYC)

  • Pray that faculty and students attending our National Mixed Student & Faculty Conference, 12/29–31, would see how their unique gifts can reach our diverse campuses and world with the real hope of Jesus.
  • Pray that students returning home for Christmas break would be refreshed and embody Christ’s grace and kindness to others.
  • InterVarsity needs to hire more Campus Staff Ministers to disciple this generation of students. Would you pray that God would call some of our best student leaders to become InterVarsity staff after they graduate?
  • Urbana 22 is a year away! As we plan for our time in Indianapolis studying the book of Acts, ask the Holy Spirit to move powerfully in calling this generation of students into whole-life, whole-world discipleship.

G & E (UN, USA)


  • We are rejoicing over the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of so many leaders of nations to convict them to be God’s instrument in the lives of their people.
  • The number of leaders of nations who are willing to explore faith in Jesus or who, as believers, want to live lives of obedience to Him.
  • The privilege of being able to walk alongside these leaders in their journey toward Eternity.

Prayer Requests:

  • God will show Himself strong on behalf of the Afghan believers led to remain as living testimonies to Jesus.
  • God will use the current challenges we are facing in this country and our world to cause us all to bend our knee before Him in humility, acknowledging our dependence upon Him.
  • Among those heads of nation we are pouring into, God would raise up one who would lead his nation in becoming a model and inspiration to other leaders watching their lives so that they would also seek the blessing that comes from obedience to our Lord. We see heads of nations inching closer to that commitment. Let us pray that it will happen in our lifetime and speed our Lord’s return.
  • God will protect our healthcare workers who are serving to protect us.
  • God will use the coronavirus pandemic to open the eyes of those in leadership to their need for the help that only God can provide.
  • Wisdom for us as we seek to meet the spiritual needs that we are seeing.
  • Our Lord will continue to provide the finances through His children undergirding an aggressive outreach to our world’s leaders.
  • Safety and health for the whole Christian Mission for the United Nations family, including supporters, Board and our family.