Certificate & Diploma Programs

Pastoral Care Diploma

This program taught by Douglas Knowles has been created to aid Pastors and give them the tools for effective care for their congregation. We will discuss the general theory and practice of Pastoral care, the Biblical basis for marriage and families and how they can be ministered to in times of need, issues of death, dying, grief and mourning, and how we can minister to people experiencing them, issues of abuse, trauma and crisis, and how we can help people in these critical times of need.


Course Schedule

Tuesdays at 7:35 p.m. with Douglas Knowles & Stephen Na

Fall I               489 A Introduction to Pastoral Care

Fall II              489 B Pastoral Care for Marriages and Families

Spring I          489 C Pastoral Care for Loss and Grief

Spring II         489 D Pastoral Care for Trauma, Crisis and Emotional Problems