Certificate & Diploma Programs

Expository Teaching and Preaching the Bible Certificate

Biblical preaching is a dying art.  Most preaching today is based on experience, void of any Biblical context.  Many preachers are professional pulpiteers who employ antics and acrobatics to incite the congregants.  If the Bible is used, it is only read at the beginning of the sermon, then it is ignored for the rest of the sermon.  Expository preaching takes the Bible seriously because it is the Word of God.  The Bible expositor examines a passage of Scripture verse by verse and shows how each verse relates to the main idea of the sermon.  This vital principle for preaching also applies to teaching.

The Expository Teaching and Preaching the Bible Diploma is a 4-course program that will help those who teach or preach God’s Word to exegete a Scripture passage properly and to communicate those truths clearly.   For those who have completed courses 411A, 411B, 412A, and 412B (these four MUST have been taken before taking the following), the following courses, are eligible to earn the Expository Teaching and Preaching the Bible Diploma: