Certificate & Diploma Programs

Expository Teaching and Preaching Diploma

This 4-course program is designed to help the teacher or preacher of the Word of God understand the meaning of Christian exposition and to develop exegetical and organizational skills.  The various components of a lesson or sermon will be defined, discussed, and illustrated.  Techniques of exegesis, exposition, and application of a Biblical text will also be examined, with particular emphases on imagination, creativity, and passion for teaching or preaching.  We will study the nature and importance of Christian teaching/preaching and the characteristics of exposition preparation.  The students will discuss how to select a text, the formulation of the message, and how to employ illustrations.

This program of study will consist of four courses.  The first course will be a study on the theory of expository teaching/preaching.  Students in the second course will listen to renowned expository preachers and critique their sermons.  The third and fourth courses will be a practicum on expository teaching/preaching, where the students will get a chance to teach or preach.

NOTE:  To register for these four courses, the student is required to have completed NYSB’s 101A & B, How to Study the Bible I & II with grades of "C-" or better, or the equivalent elsewhere.  If hermeneutics courses were taken elsewhere, an official transcript with supporting syllabus documents (if possible) needs to be submitted to the Registrar’s office two weeks before the start of Fall I.

This diploma program is the first of a 2-year cycle.  NYSB will offer a second level that offers the student the opportunity to apply the theory and practice from the first level by learning how to teach and preach selected Bible books.  This first cycle is scheduled to be offered again in 2021-22.  The second cycle is being offered in 2020-21.