Certificate & Diploma Programs

Biblical Languages Certificates

Larry Walker, former Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote, “Christians believe that God has revealed himself through the Bible.  Therefore, those who read the Bible can profit from learning as much as possible about the languages in which it was written, of which there are three—Hebrew, Aramaic (a cousin of Hebrew), and Greek.  . . .  Each language that God ordained to transmit divine revelation had a ‘personality’ that made it suitable for such a purpose.  Their contrasting linguistic traits combine to produce a thorough, progressive, propositional revelation of God.”  (The Origin of the Bible, edited by Philip Wesley Comfort, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2003, p. 217).

Upon request, the Old Testament Hebrew Certificate program will be reinstated for 2020-21.  The Old Testament Hebrew Certificate consists of 12 courses:  4 foundational courses, 4 grammar courses, and 4 reading courses.  The New Testament Greek Certificate program will resume some time in the future.

The Hebrew Foundations courses will be offered in 2020-21 on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m.: