NYSB Alumni Association

The 40th year of ministry for the New York School of the Bible marked the introduction of the NYSB Alumni Association. This has been established by a group of students (with approval of the Board of Elders and Board of Deacons of Calvary Baptist Church) in gratitude for the education and spiritual guidance received and with an abiding commitment to the enduring value of New York School of the Bible. The NYSB Alumni Association will promote a strong lifelong relationship with New York School of the Bible.

Mission Statement

To provide a forum where the NYSB alumni and enrolled students can meet and interact through fellowship and fund-raising efforts.


  • Any student who has earned at least one certificate from NYSB prior to August 31, 2011, automatically became a member on September 1, 2011.
  • All students who receive their first NYSB certificate at NYSB’s September convocation will be welcomed as new members to the NYSB Alumni Association at that time.


  • To provide a forum where members can connect and network for purposes of self-improvement in all areas of ministry and education.
  • To provide a forum whereby the alumni can provide mentorships for current students.
  • To provide a forum whereby members can communicate to others about upcoming events and courses at the New York School of the Bible.
  • To provide a forum whereby members can offer scholarship funding to area missions and shelters and other students with extreme needs to help cover textbooks, tuition, and/or transportation costs.
  • To provide a forum with seven core officers (two co-leaders, a financial secretary, a correspondence secretary, two representatives at large, and a member of the NYSB staff) with a 2-year term limit. These elected officers will coordinate the activities of the NYSB Alumni Association and help with the planning of the Annual NYSB Convocation. The Dean will serve as an ex-officio member. Once the bylaws are approved, the election of officers will occur every other year in May and the new officers will take over on October 1st.
  • To provide a forum whereby an “Annual (or Semi-annual) Appeal for Funds” will be distributed through an email or mailing.
  • To provide a forum whereby an Alumni Offering will be taken during the Annual Convocation Worship Service.


  • Co-leaders: Jeanette Taylor and Barbara Bailey
  • Correspondence Secretary: Gloria Lewis
  • Ass't Correspondence Secretary: Patricia Cokley
  • Financial Secretary: Terry Gavin
  • Members-at-Large: John Abney, Jr. and Eddie Parker
  • Ex-Officio Member: Michael Herbert
  • Advisors: M. Juana Romero

Executive Board Members

If you meet the qualifications for membership in the NYSB Alumni Association, please take a look at the informational brochure posted HERE and HERE which will let you know how you can possibly serve as a member of the Executive Board.

Alumni Scholarship Fund

The Alumni Association Scholarship Fund was established to help those students who do not have the financial resources to cover the entire tuition cost and/or textbooks. Students will still have to pay the $5 registration fee. An application for this scholarship fund is available HERE. The Pastor / Elder Referral form is available HERE.