About Calvary's Family Ministries

Calvary Family Ministries exist to engage children, students, and parents with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to come alongside families to encourage spiritual growth.

Early Childhood

Foundational Truths


Foundational Truths


Foundational Truths

1. God made me.    1. I should treat others how I want to be treated. 1. Move students to LOVE GOD by inciting WONDER.
2. God loves me. 2. I can trust God no matter what. 2. Move students to LOVE LIFE by provoking DISCOVERY.
3. Jesus wants to be my forever friend. 3. I need to make the wise choice. 3. Move students to LOVE OTHERS by fueling PASSION.


The Orange Philosophy

We are an Orange Philosophy Church with a passion for families. Our Family Ministries includes Early Childhood (Birth-Pre-K), Elementary (K-5th grade), and Student (6-12th grade) Ministries.

What we mean by “orange”?

It’s when the influence of the love from the family (red) and the light of the church (yellow) come together to impact the next generation. The Family Ministries at Calvary exists to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children. Through the celebration of faith milestones, movement along the Calvary discipleship pathway, and by creating opportunities for family faith experiences, our Family Ministries Team at Calvary serves parents and families by being a catalyst for discipleship in the home.


We want to encourage, train, and resource you.

Our Family Ministries at Calvary is here to partner with you to help you raise your children to know Jesus Christ and to walk with Him.

Here are some ways we want to do that:

  • Amazon.com Resource List
  • Parent Cue app
  • Parenting Classes to provide encouragement and training
  • Periodic emails with resources to help you

We want to partner with you to reach the next generation for Christ.

Contact your Director of Family Ministry, Pastor Jim Lokey, at jlokey@cbcnyc.org