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  Greece, March 2020


  • Dates: March 7-15, 2020
  • Focus: The nature of the STM trip is Medical missions
  • Recruiting: Open to all, specifically those with medical training
  • Collecting: Baby and children's clothing, art and school supplies for children. 
  • Cost: $1,300; non-refundable $200 deposit due 4-months prior to trip

Introductory to Missions for Middle Schoolers, April 2020

  • Dates:  April 17-19, 2020
  • Focus: Students will be participating in service projects at the Mont Lawn Retreat Center, a ministry of The Bowery Mission in Bushkill, PA. Projects will include helping the center to prepare for their summer guests and learning about missions and personal evangelism. Students will have time to explore and enjoy nature, hiking, and basketball.
  • Recruiting: Middle school students, 6-8 graders, and adult mentors. 
  • Collecting: Supplies to be announced
  • Cost: $300; non-refundable $200 deposit due 4-months prior to trip

Uganda, Summer 2020

  • Dates: June 28-July 8, 2020
  • Focus: Serving poor communities, uplifting a community dedicated to speaking the Gospel, teaching untrained men who desire to be in ministry and who are training at a school that Calvary Baptist has helped fund. 
  • Recruiting: Open to all, but looking for trained and willing Bible teachers, those with construction experience. Note that registration is limited to 12 people.
  • Collecting: Baby and children's clothing, Bible materials
  • Cost: $1,600; non-refundable $200 deposit due 4-months prior to trip 

Romania, August 2020

Romania is located in the Eastern part of Europe and is part of the former communist bloc. Now the country has religious freedom, at least for now, and there are many opportunities for Gospel advancement. The Calvary team will partner with missionaries, Diana and Bogdan, to work with Romanian youth and young adults.

  • Dates: August 2-9, 2020
  • Focus: Serving underprivileged youth by working in sports/language camps.
  • Recruiting: Youth, teens, and adult mentors
  • Collecting: clothing, games, and other supplies to be announced 
  • Cost: $1,300; non-refundable $200 deposit due 4-months prior to trip 

Jordan, Fall 2020

Jordan is at the crossroads of the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Jordanian converts to Christianity from Islam experience a great deal of persecution from all parts of Jordanian society, usually beginning at home. Pray that Muslims would be overwhelmed by the love of their Christian neighbors and begin to ask questions that draw them toward Christ.

  • Date: Fall 2020
  • Focus: Working with a local missionary and ministry, focusing on serving a school for refugees. Helping the missionary with their various creative and technical projects. 
  • Recruiting: Open to all, specifically in need of a web designer, a writer, and a photographer
  • Collecting: Clothing, educational supplies, things for children
  • Cost: $1,400; non-refundable $200 deposit due 4-months prior to trip

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