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714 The Cloisters: Christian Art and Architecture in Church History

Tour Program

The Cloisters is a unique museum situated in Fort Tryon Park in upper Manhattan. It houses a collection of Medieval Christian art and buildings from Western Europe dating from the 12th to 15th centuries a.d. This tour will examine a number of objects in the museum and try to understand how the people of this time period understood the Biblical text. We will also endeavor to put the relics and artifacts into their historical-geographical, as well as theological, context. The tour will last from 9:30 until just after noon.

NOTE:  This tour is a component of the Monday course 270C Church History:  Scholasticism and the Pre-Reformation Era being offered in Spring I.  Students in the course can take this tour as part of the course and have first preference in joining.  If space is available, anyone else can join at the cost of $35 per person.

Tour Instructor

Mr. Gordon Franz will conduct this seminar tour. He has worked on a number of excavations in Israel, including Ketet Hinnon, Tel Lachish, Tel Jezreel, and Hazor. He has also led field trips to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Rome.

Tour Registration

Cost: $30 (includes required group admission, even for MMA members)

Registration limited to 20 people

Those attending this tour should meet at the front entrance of the Cloisters by 9 a.m. Take the A subway, get off at the 190th Street station. Take the elevator to the street, transfer to the M4 bus to the last stop (Fort Tryon/Cloisters), or walk north on Margaret Corbin Drive for about 10 minutes. If traveling by car northbound on the Henry Hudson Parkway, take the first exit past the George Washington Bridge. The exit is Fort Tryon/Cloisters. If traveling by car southbound on the HHP, take exit 14-15, make a U-turn, and proceed north one mile to the Fort Tryon/Cloister exit. There is free parking around, and in front of the entrance to, the Cloisters.

NOTE:  Please see information in the Tour Program above for dates.  Please call Billy W. Nelson at 212 975-0170 x123 to discuss participation in these tours or fill out the inquiry form below.

Tour Inquiry

Please note that this is just an inquiry form, if 10 or more people express interest in this particular Saturday Seminar Tour you will be contacted by NYSB to move forward with registration.

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