Saturday Seminar Tours

712 Biblical Tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

712A - Old Testament Tour 712B - New Testament Tour

Tour Program

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to see what life was like in Biblical times? Here is your chance! These one-day tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will emphasize the Biblical material in this museum. The journey will be divided into two tours to highlight the Old and New Testaments separately.

The Old Testament tour will include the excellent Egyptian gallery and will show the world of Joseph and Moses. The tour will also take in the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian collections.

The New Testament tour will be spent mostly in the Greek and Roman wing and will include the Temple of Dendar. The world of Jesus and the missionary activities of the early Church will be viewed.

NOTE: The OT and NT tours of the Met will be a component of the OT and NT Survey courses for 2017-18.  Students taking OT Survey 121A and/or B in the Fall can take the OT tour on Saturday December 2.  Those taking NT Survey 165A and/or B in the Fall can take the tour on Saturday December 9.  For those Saturday students taking OT Survey S121A, B, C, and/or D can take the tour on Saturday March 24.  Saturday students takeing S165A and/or B in the Spring, the tour date is Saturday, May 19.

For the Spring Monday students taking OT Survey 121C and/or D, the OT tour date is Saturday April 14.  For the Spring Monday students taking NT Survey 165A and/or B, the tour date is Saturday April 21.

Students are given first preference to join the tour groups.  If there are spaces available, anyone else can register for $35 per tour, or $60 for both OT and NT tours.  As the dates approach, please call the Register at 212 975-0170 x123 for availability.

Tour Instructor

Mr. Gordon Franz will conduct these seminar tours. He has worked on a number of excavations in Israel, including Ketet Hinnon, Tel Lachish, Tel Jezreel, and Hazor. He has also led field trips to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Rome.

Tour Registration

Cost: $35 - individual testament tour.

$60 - package deal for both Old Testament and New Testament tours.

$80 if taking both tours for NYSB credit

Price includes required group admission to the Museum, even for members.

Registration is limited to 20 people

Those attending a tour should meet on the front steps of the MMA by 9:30 a.m. The museum is located on 5th Avenue at 82nd Street.

NOTE:  Please see information in the Tour Program above for dates.  Please call Billy W. Nelson at 212 975-0170 x123 to discuss participation in these tours or fill out the inquiry form below.

Tour Inquiry

Please note that this is just an inquiry form, if 10 or more people express interest in this particular Saturday Seminar Tour you will be contacted by NYSB to move forward with registration.

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