Thursday Seminars

NYSB Teaching and Equipping Seminars

Thursdays in each of the Fall and Spring Quarters 6–9 p.m.

NYSB conducted its first Teaching and Equipping Conference on March 25, 2017. God blessed this event through the many speakers and workshops. As a result of the great response to the all-day conference, NYSB is offering Teaching and Equipping Seminars on Thursday evenings in the Fall and Spring Quarters, led by members of NYSB’s gifted faculty.

Seminars will be conducted on a Thursday evening. The course time for each is 6–9 p.m.

Cost of each seminar is a flat fee of $25. Registration opens at 5 p.m. in Room 503 each Thursday of the seminar. Preregistrations are encouraged to assist the office in planning the logistics for each seminar.

Following is the list and dates of the 2018-19 NYSB Teaching and Equipping Seminars. Join us for very informative and challenging seminars on Thursdays in the Fall and Spring!

Please note that these seminars are instructional only (no credit earned).

Answering Muslim Objections to the Gospel

        October 11 - Taught by Chris Clayman (Global Gates) and Jason Casper (International Students, Inc.)

Muslims have common questions and objections concerning Christianity, learn what they are and be prepared to give an answer.  Specifically, this session will address ways to respond to common questions from Muslims that include:  “Doesn’t Jesus say in the Bible that Mohammed is coming after Him?” “Isn’t the Bible corrupted?” and “Why do you believe in multiple gods and that God could have a son?”  Also, the speakers will address the Quran’s role in evangelism.


Managing Money Matters:  Stretching Your Money in Tight Financial Times

                 March 14 - Taught by Randel Stubbs

There are always ebbs and flows in the economy, and for that matter in our lives.  We must not only prepare for the proverbial “rainy day”, we must make wise use of our money now.  When we spend money wisely, it not only displays our financial maturity but our gratitude for what the Master has entrusted us with for our benefit and for the benefit of the Kingdom.


Leading Congregational Change:  A Matter of Life and Death

        Rescheduled  May 9 - Taught by Mark Grawehr

Clearly the church has yet to become a model for society, let alone reach its redemptive potential.  Rather than proactively reframing and engaging conflict and challenge as opportunity for Gospel-centered ministry, we are prone towards comfort and complacency.  Leading through complex church dynamics takes the wisdom of Solomon, the resolve of Paul, and the patience of Job.  This seminar focuses on instituting planned change in churches and Christian organizations.