Thursday Seminars

NYSB Teaching and Equipping Seminars

Thursdays in each of the Fall and Spring Quarters 6–9 p.m.

NYSB conducted its first Teaching and Equipping Conference on March 25, 2017. God blessed this event through the many speakers and workshops. As a result of the great response to the all-day conference, NYSB is offering Teaching and Equipping Seminars on Thursday evenings in the Fall and Spring Quarters, led by members of NYSB’s gifted faculty.

Seminars will be conducted on a Thursday evening. The course time for each is 6–9 p.m.

Cost of each seminar is a flat fee of $25. Registration opens at 5 p.m. in Room 503 each Thursday of the seminar. Preregistrations are encouraged to assist the office in planning the logistics for each seminar.

Following is the list and dates of the 2017-18 NYSB Teaching and Equipping Seminars. Join us for very informative and challenging seminars on Thursdays in the Fall and Spring!

Please note that these seminars are instructional only (no credit earned).

Sunday Worship: How Did We Get Here?

October 12 - Taught by Steven Tice

How the Worship of the Ancient Church Informs Our Worship Today

As Christians we spend hundred of hours each year attending worship services with our fellow believers. What does the Biblical record in the Old and New Testaments bring to our understanding of God’s purposes in worship? What does the historical development of the church over the last two millennia add to this understanding? How do our various denominational distinctives contribute to our shared experience of worship? Come prepared to interact and learn how our gathered Sunday worship can best form us as followers of Jesus.


YMCA: Youth Modeling Christ Authentically

November 2 - Taught by Ryan Moore and Randel Stubbs

The church is home to many youth who claim to follow Christ but struggle to show evidence of a truly transformed life. There is a need to examine what are the marks of authentic faith so we can define what it means to truly be a Christian. This seminar will provide attendees with key points to assist in distinguishing genuine faith from counterfeit. Through Scripture and real-life scenarios, attendees will be better equipped to communicate and understand the marks of an authentic transformed life for youth living in the 21st century.

Personal Life of the Leader

November 16 - Taught by David Watson

Few things are as important to the success of those who lead as their personal life. In this seminar, we will explore things like “The Private World of a Leader”, “The Secret Dangers All Leaders Face”, and “The Burnout Factor.” Dr. Dave Watson will share out of his 30 years of successes and failures in the arena of leadership. If you lead or aspire to leadership, this is one seminar you cannot afford to miss.

Integrity: A Study from 1 and 2 Kings

December 7 - Taught by Michael Herbert

For a Christian, integrity is a state of being undivided in devotion to God and the benefits and challenges this entails. Failure to live with integrity also has dire consequences. Through this study of 1 & 2 Kings, attendees will see integrity in action, the benefits of its application, and the consequences of its rejection by individuals and a nation. In addition, attendees will learn how these lessons are applied today.

Managing Money Matters for Now and Later

February 22 - Taught by Randel Stubbs

Quite often, financial literacy is not taught in school but it is foundational if an individual is going to be ever maturing financially. The Bible has much to say concerning the proper use and management of the money entrusted to us. This seminar will offer attendees assistance in becoming wiser disciples in the stewardship of our earthly treasure from a Biblical perspective in two ways: Now (wise use of credit cards, building emergency savings, increasing the value of money spent, etc.) and Later (wills, trust, and estate planning, etc.).

Abortion: Understanding and Explaining the Pro-Life Position

March 8 - Taught by Robert Casteline

Abortion is one of the hottest topics in our political and social landscape. Many Christians are Pro-Life, but do not know how to clearly and effectively explain their position on such an emotional topic. This seminar will use both Scripture and sound reasoning to explain why the Pro-Life position is correct and how you can effectively explain it. Come with your questions and challenges!

Children: Tomorrow’s Church but Today’s Challenge

April 19 - Taught by Michael Velardo

This seminar will explore the hows and whys of effective children’s ministry in and through the local church so that the church of today will be ready and equipped to make sure that there is a church for tomorrow. You will learn what are the basics which every church needs to be sure that it is Preparing Today’s Child for Tomorrow’s World!

How to Answer Jehovah Witnesses Clearly and Simply

May 3 - Taught by Robert Casteline

Jehovah’s Witnesses are everywhere in New York City. Pairs of Witnesses knock on doors every weekend, seeking to convert you and your neighbor to their version of Christianity. This seminar will familiarize you with who the Witnesses are, what they believe, and how to clearly answer their questions so that your next encounter with them may be fruitful and God-honoring!