Spring II


Mondays Each course meets weekly for 7 weeks.

  1. Apr 6
  2. Apr 13
  3. Apr 20
  4. Apr 27
  5. May 4
  6. May 11
  7. May 18

Saturdays Each course meets weekly for 1 weeks.

  1. May 9


Click to download a copy of the Spring II textbook list

Students are now required to order their own texts from any online venue they choose. NYSB recommends Christian Book Distributors and/or Amazon as good resources.

NYSB will attempt to make available on registration evenings a laptop on which a student can order any textbook needed. Currently, the NYSB still has copies of the basic required texts for the Bible survey courses and the required theology courses. Once these are purchased, NYSB will not restock these titles.

If you have any questions, please call 212 975-0170 x123 or email nysb@cbcnyc.org.