Short Term Mission Trips 2017

Calvary is pleased to offer the fellowship a wide variety of short-term missions experiences. Each of these experiences, both national and international, will give you the opportunity to use your God-given physical skills and spiritual gifts to benefit others. As we plan for the Short Term Missions 2017 we ask you to pray with us. We are grateful for the following trips that took place this year.

Detroit, Michigan: Calvary began Mission Detroit seven years ago to encourage America's most downtrodden city with prayer, volunteer service, and financial support. We have partnered with four local ministries that, prayerfully, enable the community with grow spiritually and physically. Our objective for 2016 is for God to be pleased! To please Him, we must seek His will and pray to desire the same.

Under the leadership of church lay leader Bob Chancia, Calvary has fostered a partnership with Citadel of Faith Church, City Covenant, Restore Churches, and Angel House Ministry over the last few years. Annually, Calvary commissions teams to help with hosting Vacation Bible School events, to participate in neighborhood cleanup and construction activities, to bless those in need through food distribution, and to engage the community in prayer and evangelism campaigns.

Haiti: Since 2010 Calvary’s work in Haiti, known as Mission Haiti, has been sharing spiritual, physical, and financial resources with the people of Haiti. After six years of laborious and faithful work with children, youth, and adults of all ages, we remain committed to continue serving this island nation. Thousands of children and adults have given their hearts to the Lord. Mission Haiti’s short-term mission trips are a great opportunity to grow spiritually, cultivate an awareness of the world and needs around us, and to respond to God’s call to share the Gospel through personal ministry. 

Under the leadership of church lay leader Islande Dupoux, a Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, native, Calvary has developed a partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship and local Haitian churches. Calvary commissions teams and resources to the area throughout the year.

Mississippi: This will be our 15th year to serve in Mississippi! Under the leadership of church lay leader Dr. Mildred Clarke, Calvary will commission teams and resources to minister throughout the rural Mississippi Delta. Our 2016 trips to Mississippi will be built around an Olympic theme, since the Olympic games will be taking place in Brazil. Each division which will highlight the relationship between the spiritual life and sports.

All participants are required to complete the Short-Term Mission Trip Participant Packet, which can be found here or at the Welcome Center.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Alfonse Javed, Director of Outreach and Evangelism,