Weekly Prayer Bulletin

October 14, 2020  

Weekly Prayer List: 

  • Pastor: Jim Lokey
  • Elder:  Daniel Duggan
  • Deacon: Ryan Gibson
  • New York School of the Bible: Pray for the Lord’s guidance and blessing on all those teaching and studying with NYSB.


  • Dr. & Mrs. Sukhwant (India)
  • Brunel Bienvenu (Intervarsity, NYC)
  • Joseph & Keijo Bollinger (USA)
  • Jason & Hollie Casper (International Students Inc., NYC)

Pray for the Missions Conference:

  • For the gathering in Central Park on October 31at 1 pm 
  • For the first virtual conference on October 31 at 7 pm

Special Prayer:

  • Pastor Emeritus Hubbard: His lymphoma has returned. Pray for God’s perfect will and total peace for him and his family.
  • Pastor Andy Merritt (Edgewood Baptist Church, Columbus, GA): Hospitalized with COVID and on ventilator. Pray for God’s presence to be very real to him and all those around him, and that God’s perfect plan for him will be done.
  • Pray for those with health concerns, including Diana Sanbula and Elisa Trenacosta, both of whom are fighting cancer.
  • Pray for Sarah T. and her family as they grieve the loss of their mom.
  • Pray for Florence Wiggins’ son, Jamala, who has been deployed on a ship for the next 9 months.
  • Nora Paone: Pray for her daughter to be restored to the family and that she can find home health care for her son.
  • Stephanie Popa: Continue to pray for her father, Claude, in France, for his recovery from hip surgery. Pray that all will work together to allow Stephanie to go the France to see him. 
  • Praise! Peter Anselmini praises the Lord for a good recovery from surgery.
  • Safety Team: Pray for wisdom for them as they write COVID Protocols for live services.
  • Pray for the volunteer team as they help with the set up at Hunter College on Oct 31 worship on Nov 1.
  • Pray for our first in person worship service with Dr. Stetzer on November 1
  • Continue to pray for the Search Committee, the Redevelopment Team and Alchemy (our partner in redevelopment), and the small groups as they gather around the tri-state area. 

  • Our nation: Pray for wisdom for our leaders. Pray for calm and acceptance of the outcome of our presidential election, both from the leaders and from their supporters.


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