Weekly Prayer Bulletin

September 8, 2021 

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Weekly Prayer List:

  •  Pastor: Chad Wade
  •  Elder:  Fred Eisemann
  •  Deacon: Ryan Gibson


David & Bethanne Moles - USA

  • Pray for the complete healing of Bethanne’s right knee.
  • Pray for the work of CRU throughout all campuses and for the several thousand staff members, who will be sharing the gospel of Christ with students.

Sam & Miriam Nadler - USA

  • Pray for God’s direction for planting operations in Columbia Island, SC.  The planter Lew Wayburn recently died from COVID.

Marion Paxton - USA

  • God’s wisdom as she ministers to students at John Hopkins, during the challenging new semester.
  • Marion’s health and overall well-being.

A & E - Turkey

  • God’s protection in that very hostile environment.
  • Wisdom as they share the gospel.
  • The health of their family.

Special Prayer:

  • Dr. Stetzer: Pray for the Spirit’s wisdom for him as he prepares to teach us this Sunday, September 12 at 10 a.m. – Hunter College.  His message is titled: How to Understand Forgiveness.
  • Sadly, we announce the unexpected passing of David Schaum.  While doing laundry yesterday (Tues 9/7) he collapsed and was taken by ambulance to Queens General Hospital where he succumbed to what we believe was a heart attack.  Please keep David’s sister, Marion, son, Aaron, and family in prayer.  A memorial service is being planned.  Details will follow.
  • Tony Dellavecchio had TWO car accidents recently.  An MRI and a CAT scan were inconclusive.  He seeks healing, a car, a job, and a financial breakthrough.
  • Emerson Brow, Beth Maynard’s brother is reeling to ease from loss in his life.  Several friends had passed from violence and COVID, and, he’s dealing with his own health issues.
  • Pray for Marge Spilman, she has been hospitalized due to stroke-like symptoms.  She’s is her pleasant loving self but has difficulty verbalizing. They are still running tests.
  • Lisa Di Castro is asking for prayer for a friend, who has fractured his thoracic spine in 2 spots: T9 and T10.
  • Laurie Diaz is asking for prayer for Laure who has been diagnosed with ALS, and her husband Stephen, who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Please continue to pray for trouble spots around the globe and at home.  Afghanistan, Cuba, Haiti, New Orleans, Louisiana, California, as well as the NY/NJ area that is still recovering from flooding and lost lives, from last Wednesday’s storm.
  • Please continue to pray for healing for those who have contracted COVID and, for the nurses and doctors who are working tirelessly to give care to the increasing number of patients in hospitals in NY and around the country.

CBC’s upcoming events:

    • Beach trip to Ocean Grove, September 11.
    • September 12: Dedication Sunday, the return to weekly services at Hunter. Family Ministry training, and, Small Group Leaders training at 1776.
    • Prayer Walk and Invitation to Calvary, in the Hunter College area, September 18 – that hearts would be open to receive the gospel.
    • Back to Church Sunday, September 19.
    • NYSB’s 50th Anniversary celebration, September 25 - online.