July Faith Promise Fund Opportunity

On Sunday, July 29, the Calvary congregation has a special opportunity to participate in the Faith Promise Fund offering. The Faith Promise Fund is designated towards our missions program, above and beyond regular missions support through the General Fund. At times, the Council of Missions presents special projects to the Church body to encourage giving, both for the benefit of the project and as a means of missions education. This year at our annual Missions Conference, the Council chose to support the Iranian church planting group Elam Ministries.

Elam was founded in 1990 by senior Iranian church leaders with a vision to serve the growing church in the Iran region. From the beginning, Elam's passion was to train and equip Iranian Christians to reach and disciple their countrymen. Elam has seen many years of God's faithfulness. By God's grace, the ministry is growing and is being used to strengthen and expand the church in the Iran region in a significant way.

For more info regarding the Faith Promise Fund and Elam Ministries, contact Rev. Alfonse Javed. You can give to the Faith Promise Fund this Sunday, July 29th, during any worship service, or online.