Calvary's Covid-19 Response

updated May 21, 2020

CBC on the Move in Fighting Worldwide COVID-19 Disasters

As you know, this COVID-19 has affected every single country, especially developing countries. They are suffering drastically with joblessness and starvation and dealing with a lack of basic hygiene materials. In some countries, Pakistan for example, the Christian minorities are ignored by the government when aid is distributed.


This Spring, Calvary sent $3,400 from the Faith Promise Fund to our partner missionary, Christina Javed in Pakistan. Christina and her team set up a relief station at the Sablone Shelter and Vocational Training Center near Lahore, Pakistan. With our funds, they assembled hundreds of food and hygiene care packages - which included rice, pasta, beans, flour, dry milk, soap, multipurpose cleaner, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Christina reported that her team was able to distribute the care packages to 200 of the neediest families in this community, but during the first day of distribution, 450 Christian families showed up asking for aid.


One of our newest missionaries, Alex in Vietnam, asked for help with her volunteer team who have lost their jobs during this time. CBC was able to send Alex $900 from the Faith Promise Fund to provide for these volunteers.


CBC also partnered with World Compassion Fellowship COVID-19 Relief Project by sending them $5,000 from the Faith Promise Fund. WCF has targeted countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Pakistan where they will partner with ministries already doing COVID-19 relief work. 


These personal and country-wide needs will increase as time goes on. Even as the rest of the world begins returning to 'normal', these desperate people will continue to suffer. Please ask the Lord how He wants you to help. Prayerfully consider a donation to Calvary's Faith Promise Fund. The Council of Missions will continue to monitor the situations/needs with our missionaries on the ground in the developing countries. 


Additionally, please pray for our missionaries in the countries listed above; pray that they not only provide for the people's physical needs but also their spiritual needs. May our missionaries have the joy of sharing the gospel with many open hearts and minds.

updated April 1, 2020 

In the coming weeks, our Fellowship Fund will assist those dealing with Covid-19. Note that the Fellowship Fund is a special designated fund for financial assistance to the needy, and is often used to help people in areas affected by local or national tragedies such as famine, flooding, earthquakes, and natural disasters. At this time, as you would expect, the needs are almost exclusively to help those affected by Covid-19. Those wishing to donate towards the Covid-19 relief effort can designate their gifts to the Fellowship Fund.


Serve the City - Covid-19 Response

March 30, 2020:  Over the weekend, Samaritan’s Purse began to build an emergency field hospital on the East Lawn of Central Park to care for coronavirus patients. Pastor Tom Basile, Calvary's Interim Executive Pastor, and Chris Calo, Manager of the Salisbury Hotel, were on-site to assist in building these field hospitals that will be staffed with medical professionals who will be serving in Jesus' Name to bring comfort and the hope of Christ to New York's hurting people.