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Israel Trip

Trip of a Lifetime to Israel
Israel Experience
December 27th – January 6th / 9th, 2013
$3,902; Optional Rome extension $708


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Some of the many highlights of this trip will be:

• First Class Hotels

• Top Guide with In-Depth Bible Knowledge

• Touring by Private Deluxe Motorcoach

• Co-Hosts Dave Epstein, Senior Pastor and Billy Nelson, NYSB Registrar


• Tel Aviv (Old Joppa—home of Simon the Tanner, port from where Jonah sailed)

• Beer Sheva (Birthplace of Isaac and Jacob)

• Arad (5,000 year-old Canaanite town)

• Dead Sea (Lowest spot on Earth)

• Masada (Ruins of Jewish fortress)

• Ein Gedi (Fabled Spring of David)

• Qumran (Site of Dead Sea Scrolls)

• Jerusalem (Western Wall, Warren’s Shaft, Gihon Spring, Pool of Siloam, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Pool of Bethesda, Pilate’s Judgement Hall, Via Dolorosa, Calvary, Garden Tomb, plus more)

• Jordan River Valley

• Harrod Spring (Where God assembled the army for Gideon)

• Beit She’an (Extensive excavations)

• Nazareth (Boyhood town of Jesus)

• Tel Dan (Triple arched gate)

• Caesarea Phillipi (Peter’s confession)

• Mount Arbel (Overlooks Sea of Galilee)

• Sea of Galilee (Boat ride on the lake, 1st century boat museum)

• Capernaum (Center of Jesus’ Galilean ministry)

• Mount of Beatitudes

• Korazim (Spurned Jesus’ miracles)

• Hazor (Captured by Joshua, Solomon’s Northern defense city)

• Megiddo (Jezreel Valley, site for Armageddon)

• Mount Carmel (Elijah)

• Caesarea Maritima (Roman port, Paul’s appeal to Caesar)


• The Sistine Chapel

• Roman Forum

• Colosseum

• Spanish Steps

• Theri Fountain

• Much more!

For a free color brochure or for more information, call (212) 975-0170, x123


Greece Trip

If you have visited Israel and walked in the steps of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, King David, Elijiah, and many more from the OT; in the steps of Jesus, the disciples, and many more from the NT–now walk in the steps of Paul, Luke, Timothy, and many other of the Paul’s co-workers in the land of Greece.  This tour is led by Gordon Franz, instructor at NYSB, and Robert Sullivan from ABR.  This trip will help you understand the book of Acts and the Pauline epistles as you walk in the places where those events occurred.

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